How Social Media Habits Impact your Business

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How Social Media Habits Affect the Profitability of your Business

There's something you need to know.  Not all of your customers like what you like.

Read that again.

Just because you love Facebook, it doesn't mean that I do.  I may prefer Snapchat.

It's very easy to assume people do everything that you do when it comes to Social Media Habits. I'm sure that most of your friends are on Facebook…or whatever Social Media platform it is that you prefer.

And…while there may be 1.9 Billion Facebook users which is an unbelievable number, it doesn't mean that every single person you do business with is on it or uses it regularly.

Business owners of all kinds need to be aware of the Social Media Habits that different age groups prefer…and the potential impact that  Social Media Demographics has on your business.

In order to thrive in today's competitive business environment, you better be very aware of the Social Media Habits of your customers and potential customers.

Your Personal Social Media Habits and the Potential Gap They're Creating

This may be time for you to wake up a bit and realize that there's more to Social Media than __________.  (Fill in the blank with your favorite Social Media network.)

Where are the people you are servicing?
What's their preferred Social Media network?
What's yours?

social-media-habitsIt's very likely that you're missing out on staying connected to potential clients/customers, or even existing ones if your Social Media Habits are rigid.

There's likely a GAP between what YOU prefer and what some of your clients or customers prefer.  If there is…you're at a loss.  And, if you're competitor is smarter than you by servicing these individuals in the Social Media networks they prefer, you lose even more.

Here's an example:

You're a 36-year old female who is all over Facebook.  You almost exclusively use it as your Social Media network.  Sure…you have a Snapchat account, Twitter account and Instagram account, but you're never there.

One of your team members is a smart, 21-year old college graduate who only uses Snapchat and Instagram.  All of your support and communication is done only through Facebook.  You're not able to reach her.  She too has a Facebook page.   BUT… just like you with your other Social Media accounts…Facebook isn't her number one.  You never reach her.  You try to force her to use Facebook…but it's really not what she does.

Do you see the problem here??

It's exactly the same reason you won't see a beer commercial on Lifetime Television for women.  Heavy beer consumers are men 21-34, and the don't watch Lifetime.

I understand the challenge…and it's something that those of us who are on Social Media are all facing today.  We only have so much time in the day.

How can I possibly manage running a Facebook account, groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Periscope, YouTube…and all the other things I didn't even mention???

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this subject…because Social Media isn't going to disappear anytime soon, and we rely on it more and more every day, both for entertainment and for business.

For sure, here are some important things to consider when it comes to Social Media Habits and your business:

  1.  Who is my ideal customer?  Define them.  Get clear with it.  How old are they?  Where do they live?  What are their habits?  Who are your heaviest users?  Demographics are important.
  2. What is their preferred Social Media platform?  Do they even have a Facebook account?  Are they only on Snapchat?  What are they using all day long…and are you using it too?
  3. Do I exist on the Social Media network my best customers are using?

To better serve our existing customers and future customers, we need to know who they are and their habits are…both with their Social Media preferences, as well as lifestyle preferences.

How Different Generations Consume Content Online

It's pretty interesting to see the habits of a 49-year old on Social Media versus someone who is 25 years of age.  If found an interesting article that I thought would be good to include in this post.

Give us your thoughts.  We like hearing from you.

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