How to Be a Better Network Marketing Team Builder

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Team Building strategies are some of the most important in your network marketing business.  Yes…recruiting new distributors and acquiring customers is a MAJOR part of what we do.  But…the SECOND and almost more important strategy is HOW you work with people on you team.  What you do matters a lot to your bottom line profits and growth when it comes to working in depth.

The question I get all the time is this when it comes to network marketing team building…

“When you're working with someone and bringing them onto your team,
how long do you work with that person before you let them go?” 

That question may come up in several forms, including:

“When do you cut the cord and let them go all on their own?”
“When do you move on to help other people”
“When do you cut the cord if they're NOT doing anything?”

These are all valid questions regarding WHO and HOW do you work with people on your network marketing team.

My Philosophy on Working with Builders

Here's my take on the subject for BUILDERS on my network marketing team…

If you're building the business, you're showing up every day, and you  are committed to working and building a group…I'll never stop working with you.  There's no end date.  As long as you're producing, I'm showing up for you.

I will literally NEVER cut the cord from this type of person.  Even when you become  completely independent from me, you're running your own events and possibly even out-earning me…I will STILL work with you!

Why in the world would you ever stop working with people
on your team that are producing revenue???

One thing FOR SURE that you need to initiate with your most valuable assets on your team is this.  And…when I mean valuable assets I'm talking about the people within your organization that are responsible for the largest chunks of sales volume in our organization.  The leaders that you count on for your check every month.  Yea.  Those people.  You NEVER allow yourself to get out of communication with them.  They are your most prized assets.  Protect them with your life.  And…you do it by initiating what I call The 7-Day Rule.

The 7-Day Rule

Never let more than seven days pass without having some form of communication with the KEYpeople on your team.  The KEY volume drivers are people that you should stay in regular communication with…forever!  It's really easy to allow time to slip between contacts with these key leaders.  After all…they don't need you anymore for day-to-day support.  They're running their own teams, their own events…and possibly even better than you.  Trust me…it happens ALL the time.  People lose contact with the MOST IMPORTANT people on their team.  And…it is one of the biggest mistakes you will make in your entire network marketing career!!!!!  Don't ever allow more than seven days to pass without having some form of communication with these people.

Why?  Because when something DOES happen, you'll catch it far before it festers into something that is no longer fixable.

Remember this.  Weeds grow in every garden…even when a key influencer is making tons of money.  Challenges happen everywhere.  Just because someone is making 20k, 30k, 50k a month or whatever, it doesn't mean that they won't be faced with challengers or weird stuff coming their way that throws them off.

Protect your family.  Stay in close knit communication with them.  Don't be an absentee sponsor or upline.

What to Do With the Non-Producers

People sign up all the time into network marketing businesses and never do anything.  Some people are all talk.  Some come in for a season…and then vacate the premises.

Here's the deal.  You work with the willing.  You invest your time wisely by working with people that are active.  The people who are all talk and no action do not deserve your time.  Even if it's your buddy.  Just because he gave the company money, does not mean that you have to commit hours and hours of time trying to “get him going.”  You work where you are DESERVED, not needed.

The people that deserve your time are the ones who are showing up.
People who give you lip service or simply can't get themselves to act…they don't deserve your time.  The workers do.

If you're NOT doing…and you're not showing up,.  I'm going to work with people that are actually showing up.  It's that simple.

Remember again.  Work where you are deserved, not needed. 

That's it.  Work with the workers.  If someone isn't active and in the future decides that they want to step onto the field and play…then I'll initiate with them.  It's a two-way street.  You need to have both parties involved!

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See you next time!

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