How to Be a Full Time Network Marketer Faster

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Not everyone wants to be a full time network marketer, but if you do…the first thing I'd say is this.  Don't be in such a rush to quit your day job.   I know that is counterintuitive and directly the opposite of this blog post's title, but it makes sense.

The longer you keep your day job while building a solid and stable income in network marketing, the more cash flush you will be.  I see people all the time who quit their job's and become full time network marketers…but they're simply broke full-timers.

Keeping your job gives you access to people and connections that you won't have the moment you choose to work 100% from home. I'm not saying that you shouldn't work your way to becoming a full time network marketer…just be smart about.

Seven Things you can Do to Be a Full Time Network Marketer Faster:

#1:  Take your Prospect List Wherever you Go.  Don't leave home without it.  Become the Amex commercial of network marketing…and never, ever leave home without your prospect list.  It goes with you wherever you go…every time you go somewhere.  Why?  Simple.  You're prepared…and when you're prepared you get more done.  Leave it at home and when the opportunity presents itself for you to get some business done and you're caught empty-handed…you slow down the process.

#2:  Get up Earlier and Stay up Later.  You may have to burn the candle at both ends for a little while.  Nothing worthwhile is super easy…it's going to require a bit of sacrifice.  A little less sleep provides you the opportunity to get more done.

#3:  Be Smart About your Time.  Most people aren't smart when it comes to how they spend their time.  Do yourself a favor and get the gym out of the way first thing in the morning.  Do your personal development and learning early in the am or very late at night.  Reserve those daylight hours for revenue producing activity.

#4:  Quit Playing Poker, Chess, Or Whatever that Hobby is you Love.  A lot of people have hobbies that they love doing…and those hobbies can take hours and hours away from productivity.  You don't have to leave it forever, but it may be a good idea to drop the golf clubs for the next year until your check gets to where you want it to be.  Anytime away from the business and directed to other extracurricular activities is time that is making your business grow at a slower pace.  Of course…I'm not talking about important things like spending time with your kids or spouse.  Those should be priorities for you, regardless of how fast you want to grow your business.

#5:  Make Use of the Crooks and Crannies of your Day.  This one goes back to #1.  If you have your prospect list with you wherever you go, you can make use of the little pockets of time, the little gaps or in-betweens that everyone has…and make an extra call here and there.  A drive to the gym, post office, grocery store or errand running can be a call or two…if not more.  Those things add up big time over time.

#6:  Say Less to More People.  It's time to reduce the chattiness and get down to business.  If you're going to speed up the process, become keenly aware of how much time you spend with each prospect.  Don't reduce the time to the total demise and eliminate your ability to connect with these people.  Just be aware of how much time you're spending with people and see if you can cut a little here and there to make room for more calls and more meetings.

#7:  Use More Tools and Leverage yourself Everywhere you Can.  We talk about leverage all day long in this business…and becoming a full time network marketer requires you stepping up the “subbing out” game.  Anything you can “sub out” or hire someone to do…do it.  Your laundry, shopping, lawn, house cleaning…anything that takes your time away from production and is considered a low value The Fearless Networker System activity relative to your business, dump it.  Have someone else do it for you.  And…the more you use tools to help you become efficient, the better off you'll be.  I find myself getting far more appointments scheduled and allowing less opportunities slip through the cracks ever since I started using .  If you haven't started using this yet…it's time.

This is NOT a complete list.  Some other things to consider.  Do ONE company…not five!  The only top earners I know…almost without exception, only build one company.  Focus MOST of your time prospecting and don't get yourself caught up in management mode.  The only way you make money in this business is by putting on new customers and distributors.

Make sure you download the Cheat Sheet at the bottom of this page.  It will help you get there a bit quicker!

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