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Thought I'd take the time…FINALLY, to BLOG on “What to Blog About.”

Novel concept,  huh?  A blogger who not only blogs, but talks about what to blog on in their blog.  Say that
five times fast. 

So…you're a network marketer and you want to create a blog, right? 

What should you blog about?
What's the purpose of your blog?
Who do you want reading your blog?
How do you come up with content for it?

I see tons of crappy blogs out there that are thrown together and generate very little traffic or interest.  You
don't want your blog to be like that.  If you're going to blog, you obviously want it to produce something for

I blog on the subject of network marketing success.  I do it because it's what I do.  I have 20+ years of doing
network marketing successfully, so it is very EASY for me to blog about it, and something that I am very
passionate about talking about. 

I realize FULLY that if you are network marketer and you've created a blog, that you are likely doing so with
the intention of attracting readers or viewers, so that you can ultimately build a relationship with those
individuals and someday, now or into the future, do business with them. 

However, be sure to BLOG in your area of expertise.  If you are not an expert on network marketing, then
probably not a good idea to blog on being an expert in it.

Blog on your Passion

I interviewed Eric Worre a week or so ago and in that discussion, he made a very salient point.  People are
so myopic in their focus, that they “think” they have to blog about network marketing because they are in
network marketing.  Not so.  Sure, you can if you want…if you've got something that truly CAPTURES your
listener's or reader's attention.  But better, and likely WAY easier if you blog about something you're really
passionate about.   

We all have something we're super PASSIONATE about.  Let me ask you this, “What is it that you absolutely
LOVE and that your fired up and totally passionate about?”

The answer comes in a SNAP, doesn't it?  Not something you have to dig deeply to find the answer.  It comes naturally.  If you asked me that question, I could give you several answers.  I'm deeply passionate about teaching others how to succeed, I LOVE to ski, I can't sleep when I think about getting into the ocean to surf, I could play golf every day of my life and never get sick of it, and I love the feeling of a big fat steelhead or salmon at the end of my line.  Those are things that I am DEEPLY passionate about. 



What about you?  Don't you think that it would be SUPER easy to talk about your PASSION?  You wouldn't
have to struggle to come up with content.  It would come naturally, and very easy.

And the cool thing is, you could attract a LOT of readers or listeners by blogging on what you LOVE. 

The relationships built as a result of you blogging on what you're deeply passionate about could very easily be shifted into business.  When you have something in common with someone, they like you.  You're similar.  The rapport comes more naturally.  You don't HAVE to blog about network marketing to attract people you end up doing business with.  I've sponsored people I've golfed with, fished with, surfed with and skied with.  The “thing” we have in common doesn't necessarily HAVE to be home business. 

You see my point?  Blogging could be so simple for you, so easy.  And…I guarantee that the CONTENT, which really IS the most important part of your blog would be coming out in the droves. 

I had a conversation one day with a guy.  His wife was super outgoing and easy to talk to.  He was nearly
impossible to engage in conversation until…

…until I asked him about racing cars.  Then…and OH MY GOODNESS, he wouldn't shut up!  His PASSION
was racing cars.  He was a top earner in a network marketing company, but that wasn't his passion.  Racing
cars was.  There's no way he would have been able to blog on the subject of MLM.  But…boy, if he blogged on car racing, it would be insane!

Video or Written:  Which is Best?

Let me just say this.  If you suck at video, stay away from the camera!  Or…work on getting good in front of
the camera and don't post videos until you're good.  Some people are simply better naturally in front of a
lens than others.  If you stink on camera, your blog will show it. 

From an SEO perspective, blogs that are written have historically been better for rankings anyway.  However, that IS beginning to change.  I do a combination of both written blog posts and uploading videos, depending on the subject. 

If you ARE good on camera, then get your butt in front of the lens and let it fly!

Designing your Blog

You can find TONS of people who can design your blog for you.  Putting up a shabby looking site that has
a weak looking header won't attract people.  It is definitely WORTH the money (and it doesn't cost much)
to have someone lay out the design for you. 

Again…what IMAGE do you want to project?  The cool thing about design is that you can create what's called an “image of largeness”.  What that means simply is that you can make what you do or what you represent appear to be BIGGER than it may actually be.  So…a very small company for example, because of them simply taking the time and a little money, can make the IMPRESSION that they are this big, giant and AWESOME company, that may in fact, be very small.  Advertisers do this all the time.  And…you can do it too by simply taking the time and investing a small amount of money to make it look good. 

How Often Should you Blog?

I was hanging out a couple of weeks ago with my buddy Ray Higdon having a conversation on the subject of
blogging.  His blog gets LOTS of traffic.  And…here's something I learned from Ray in that conversation.

His blog traffic went up SUBSTANTIALLY when he started blogging nearly every day.  In fact, he could
specifically measure how dramatically his traffic increased as a result of him blogging on a VERY consistent

The more you blog, the more likely you're going to increase your viewers and/or readers. 

So…going back to your passion for a moment.  Do you think it would be easier for you to blog every day and
come up with new content on something your passionate about or something you're trying to force?

My Final Thoughts

If you choose to blog, make it good.  Blog about something you love.  Blog often.  Do videos if you're good. 
Don't if you're not.  Make sure your site looks good.  Give good content.  Rinse and repeat. 



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