How to Control your Financial Destiny

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You've probably heard me talk time and time again that YOU are ultimately in control of what happens in your life.

In this video post, I talk specifically about how you can RIGHT NOW gain control of your financial future and create your own DESTINY, rather than leave it up to chance.

This is a video EVERYONE in network marketing and direct selling should watch.

In one of my recent A-Team calls, I talked about this very subject at length, which rooted from this quote:

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your reality.”

Your fate…your destiny begins with a thought, much like in the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’.

Chapter One: Thoughts are Things.

It is the thought the drives the action, which creates the ultimate result.

So if we take that quote LITERALLY, we must WATCH our thoughts…for they become WORDS.

So…what AFFECTS your thoughts? Is it your environment, the people in it, who you surround yourself with and what you spend your time doing that affect them? Sure.

Can you WATCH your thoughts? Sure you can.
Can you be lazy with them? Sure you can.

Again…it comes down to a matter of choice.

What you SAY…the WORDS that you use are a RESULT of what you THINK about.

Can you try something or commit do DOING something? Sure you can.
Can you NEED something…or REQUIRE something? Yes.

“I’ll give it a try and see how it goes. I’ll give it a shot and if not, I can say thanks a lot, take a shot and go back to my dumpy old lot!”

Or…I can SAY things like, “I’m completely committed to doing whatever it takes, no matter now long, to get this and every other job done.”

What are you CHOOSING to say to YOU and to others?

Because again…it is the THOUGHT…that becomes the WORD, which becomes your ACTION.

What kinds of actions have you been taking?
What have you been saying to yourself?
What have you been thinking about?

Again…if you don’t like it, you can change…even RIGHT now. Or…tomorrow. Again…a choice.

Putting off today what can be done tomorrow is a recipe for failure. Get done what you can today so that you can do something ELSE tomorrow.

Look in the MIRROR. What choices have you been making?

Have they changed over time?
How much?
Could they be changing even more?

The ACTION you take becomes a habit that is hard to break.

Your purpose should be moving your toward making specific ACTIONS now HABIT….

The Habit of being RESPONSIBLE.
The Habit of taking you and your business seriously.
The Habit of Showing up to Play each and EVERY day.
The Habit of nourishing your mind.
The Habit of Talking to People and Prospecting.
The Habit of ALWAYS being someone that can be COUNTED ON.

Can I count on you?

If someone asked you a serious question and backed it up with, “Can I Count on you for my support?”

Who here could be counted on it if it was a dear friend in need? A family member who needed your support? Or…

How about this one? You. Can you count on YOU to get the job done?

This quote is SOOOO powerful, than when you pull it apart and expand on it, it becomes CRYSTAL clear. Destiny is in YOUR hands.

Because those ACTIONS, which become HABIT begin to mold and DEFINE your CHARACTER, the person you really are.

And…you can BE whatever person you want to be…you can choose to build from the bottom up…to fill your mind with good thoughts and weed out the bad ones, to let the thought then formulate itself into a word, and the word sprout into an action…and that action be cemented into a habit and again, that habit defines you, and develops your CHARACTER.

And when you are keeping a WATCHFUL EYE over all of these things as they progress in your life, you quite literally are in control of your DESTINY.

CHOOSE to think differently if your destiny requires it. Do it…and do it now.

Another great quote comes from Anthony Robbins:

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped”.
– Anthony Robbins

Make a decision RIGHT NOW, in this MOMENT to change the small simple things that need to be changed in order for you to fulfill your destiny.

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