How To Create Team Loyalty

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How To Create Team Loyalty
  • Step #1: Where It All Starts
  • Step #2: Developing Your System for Leadership

How To Create Team Loyalty

Imagine what your business would look like if your team was growing every week.

This means each week, you'd be developing new leaders.

Your business cranking away…

More customers using your products…

More reps, rank advancing…

And best of all, your checks getting bigger… week after week!

Now, you might be asking… “Todd is this really possible?”

YES, it sure is… when you know how to correctly build a loyal team.

In this weeks training… I'm going to share with you TWO STEPS to doing this.

Step #1: Where It All Starts

It all starts with you.

You have the power to become a leader and also create leaders.

Quick question to ask yourself…

How are you with people?

Are you someone who's looking for a win-win situation…

Or are you someone who's looking to always get more for yourself… than the other person?

The key here is to look at your new team member… and focus on helping them hit their goals.

Your first goal should be to start developing a relationship with your people. Then start helping them move towards their goals.

Treat them with respect. You're NOT their boss… they don't work for you, etc. This is all about working together and creating a that loyal team.

Step #2: Developing Your System for Leadership

What highly recommend you do is create a culture of leaders.

This all starts with you, becoming the best you can be… and leading by example.

You want to value your people… nurture them, let them know you appreciate them.

This behavior will permeate throughout your entire organization.

Start implementing these two steps in your business today.

It might seem slow to get started, but once you start developing leaders… your business starts growing very fast.

If you'd like a systematic approach for becoming a leader… and developing a winning team! You'll want to check out my Leadership Evolution program.

This is my 12 week leadership training program… where I outline exactly how to become a leader.

Then I show you how to systemize the leadership process… so your team starts creating their own leaders.

You can check it out here…

In this episode #86, It's about… “How To Create Team Loyalty”.

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