How To Develop Prospecting Confidence

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How To Develop Prospecting Confidence
  • The Foundation For Unshakable Confidence
  • My 3-Step LPR Process For Prospecting Superpowers

How To Develop Prospecting Confidence

Let’s talk about you getting a pay raise.

The top determining factor for making more money in your network marketing business is prospecting.

Proper prospecting drives revenue and puts more cash in your bank account.

In today’s training, you’ll see my three-step process for doing this.

When I talk about proper prospecting, it’s all about having confidence in yourself when talking with prospects.

Think of this like prospecting superpowers.

It all starts with my LPR process.

Let’s get started with…

The Foundation For Unshakable Confidence

To have confidence in something, we must start at the beginning.

When I started in network marketing, I had no confidence at all.

I soon realized this business is a confidence game. You must have confidence when speaking with people for them to listen to you.

It’s what’s said between the words; it’s an energy people feel from you.

The good news is it’s a skill that can be learned.

You’ll see how to do this using my LPR Process in a moment.

We must develop this skill if we hope to have any real chance of making consistent income from prospecting.

See, confidence comes from competence.

To have confidence, we must be competent in a specific area, like prospecting.

In other words, we get good by doing.

Now, let’s look at…

My 3-Step LPR Process For Prospecting Superpowers

Ok, you’re going to love this!

Here’s my 3-step process for creating your prospecting superpowers.

Step #1: Having a track to run on for your prospecting.

Over the past 30 years, I’ve developed a proven script that’s field-tested and dialed in to produce results. 

Step #2: Practice prospecting daily.

We can’t study our way to confidence. We must take action.

Take my script and start putting it into action daily.

Step #3: Qualitative and Quantitative.

Qualitative = the quality of your communication.

Quantitative = tracking your numbers.

You want to have your upline or a coach review your prospecting communications to measure their quality.

The second thing you want to do is track your numbers each time you prospect.

I’ve developed my prospecting planner for this, which you can get at: want to repeat what works and delete what doesn’t.

Remember…Prospecting is the number one activity that leads to revenue.

This episode, #195, is about “How To Develop Prospecting Confidence.”

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