How to Do a Follow up Call in Network Marketing

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Follow up is one of the most critically important elements that leads to success in selling.

In network marketing and direct selling…follow up is obviously important, since both of those are SALES models.

People often think that network marketing is simply about “sharing” information with others, when in all reality it is a sales business. While information is shared, as it is in many sales situations…it IS a selling game, therefore require follow up.

People are often confused as to exactly HOW to conduct a follow up call in network marketing. Let me set the record straight and tell you exactly how it is done.

First of all, you MUST follow up if you ever expect success in the network marketing or MLM.

Business comes to those who seek it, not those who wait for it. So…the first rule is that you DO follow up. Don't sit around waiting for the business to come. Go GET the business.

Simple tips for conducting an effective follow up call in network marketing:

– Book a firm appointment ahead of time.
– Show up on time and be professional.
– Ask your prospect if he/she reviewed the information that you directed them to.
– Find out if they have any specific questions that you can address.
– Answer whatever questions you can.
– Bring in an upline leader for support.
– ASK for the business.
– Don't chase them. If they are interested, you'll know it through their actions.

Follow those simple tips and you will find yourself closing more business in anything you're involved in…especially network marketing.

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