How to Find your Motivation When you’re Not Getting Results

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I had another question come up on my call on Monday night regarding “finding your motivation” and getting moving again when you've had little to no results.

In order to find your motivation, I think it really starts with being honest with yourself.  I see people get down on themselves and lose their motivation for not getting results from the work they didn't do.

Yes…let's say that one more time.  People get down on themselves for the results they didn't get from the work they didn't do.

In other words, people are down on themselves, even though they didn't really do anything!  That doesn't make sense, does it?  It's probably more likely rooted in guilt because deep down inside they know they didn't do anything.

So…how do you find your motivation when you're not getting results?

Find your Motivation:  Working or Not Working

#1:  You're Not Doing the Work and You're Losing Motivation.  Get real with yourself.  Take my 30-Day Prospecting Challenge and start tracking yourself every day for 30 days.   If you've seen or heard me speak…you've very likely seen the “draw a box” exercise that I do on stage as an accountability exercise.  Take the responsibility to step up to the plate and track your revenue producing activities for the next 30-days.

Better yet…take part in my A-Team program.  There's one starting soon…and it's an opportunity for you to run super hard for 90-days.  You can see the details right here. 

Either way…track yourself so you can see if you have a reason to have lost your motivation or not.  It's one thing to lose motivation because you've put the work in and haven't seen results, but when you haven't actually done anything…that's another story altogether.

#2:   You've Put in the Work and Haven't Gotten Results.   If you've put in an extended amount of effort…and you can honestly say you've given it your best, there's another direction to head.  Now…I don't mean giving it your best for a month.  If you've put a year or more of concerted effort into your network marketing business, and you literally have nothing to show for it, you need to look at a few things.

How do you sound with your prospects?  
Are you alienating people and being too pushy?
Do you drop the ball on follow up?
Are you asking for the business?
Are you following a successful system others are getting results in?

Bottom line here is analyzing what you're doing so you can find out exactly what the problem is.  If other people are getting results and you're not…and you know FOR SURE that you're putting in a lot of proper effort, then you have to look at what you're doing and HOW you're doing it.

Yet again…one of the big reasons why I suggest people record themselves.  Record your calls, your meetings your presentations…and look back at what you've been doing to see if you can identify what the problem is.

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