How to Get Endless Referrals for Any Business

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endless referralsEndless Referrals are Highly Possible

There's almost no better business than referrals.  Someone highly recommending you to a friend or co-working is powerful.  It's some of the easiest business to acquire.  And…putting things into action that give you ENDLESS referrals sounds pretty good, considering how productive referrals are for your business.

I was doing some writing tonight on the subject of getting endless referrals in your business, and locked on to one VERY SIMPLE action step that is sure to get you far more referred business than you can shake a stick at.

Bob Burg talks about this strategy in his book “The Go-Giver” as well as “Endless Referrals.”  If you don't have them, I'd suggest adding them to your library.

Simple strategy.  Highly effective.

Another great book that simplifies and cuts through the clutter like no other when it comes to attracting people is “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, which is really at the core of this “endless referrals” way of doing things I talk about in the video above.

Got ideas that you've incorporated that help you get endless referrals?

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