How to Hit More of your Goals

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Let's talk for a second about how to hit more of your goals that you go about setting for yourself in business and in life.

To hit a goal, you must first actually set a goal.
Duh!  You can't hit something that you've never actually set!

But…people do it all the time, and oftentimes find themselves living their whole lives in mediocrity, and seeing very little forward progress.

That's not you though!  If you want to know how to hit more of your goals, you need to first start to actually SET more of them.

Can you show me your goals right now?  If I called you to the carpet on that question right this very second, could you do it?  Could you pull out a piece of paper and actually SHOW ME YOUR GOALS that you have written down for yourself?

If you can't…then you have no goals.  A goal in your mind is a figment of your imagination.  It's a wish and a hope.  It's not concrete until you put it down on paper!!!

What is Goal Setting?

Goal-setting is something that people who have a real desire to create measurable results to do in their life to help them assure that they hit those objectives within a specific time line.

I mentioned in the video that around 80% of the people in the world never even set goals.  The real answer is more like 97%.  And…probably only about 1% ever take the time to review them regularly.

Success is a joke.  It's easy.  Pick a target.  Set your mind on it.  Focus completely on it.  Give yourself a timeline.  Determine what you're willing to do for it…and never stop until you get there.

Three Ways to Hit More of your Goals

A)  You First Need to HAVE Goals in Order to Hit Them!

If you do not have specific, clear, written down goals and attached a timeline to them…you don't have a goal.  It needs to be on PAPER.  Written down.  Reviewable.  That's #1.

Sorry…having it in your head does NOT count.  That's nothing more than a daydream…a wish.  If you want to guarantee you move forward in your business, you need to get serious about it…and that means actually drawing it out.

B) You Need to Create a Plan to Achieve Them.

I'm talking about an actual plan…on PAPER.  You want this thing, this experience, this objective…cool.  Show me the plan you have to acquire it.  You show me a person with a crystal clear idea of exactly what it is they want and they've got it on paper…I'll show you a person who is well on their way to getting it.

What are you specifically going to do daily to make this thing happen?
What precisely are you going to do that will progress you closer and closer to it?
What resources do you require?
Is there anything else you need to have to assist you in getting it?
What are you willing to give up to make it happen?  Something has to give.

WRITE IT DOWN!!!!!  And…if you think this is a joke, or some cheese post on goal setting, go look in the mirror with those goals you have for yourself….oh wait, you don't have them on paper, do you?  Yea…if that's you, the person who reads this post and thinks goal setting is beneath you, not necessary, or a waste of time…how's your progress in life?  Are you part of the majority who don't set goals…or the minority who do?

You need to have a plan.  If I were a bank…and you came to me for a business loan, the first thing I'm going to ask for is your “Business Plan”.  Why?  Because a person with no Business Plan will do no business!

No roadmap.  No directions.  No specific target.  No result.  Wishing and hoping is not a good strategy!

When you get specific and totally intentional, that's when you hit more of your goals!

C.  Break Them Down into Smaller, Achievable Goals. 

If your goal is to make a million dollars a year, good for you!  Great goal.  But…if that's your ONLY goal, you will be disappointed until you finally hit that mark.  But…chances are, because it is such a grand goal, that you will give up long before you ever hit it.  Make sense?

Break your BIG GOAL down into mini goals.  Break them down into interim goals that you can hit along the way.  Small and reachable goals that force you to stretch will help you grow.  They can't be too easy.  They have to push you a bit outside of your current comfort zone.

If you make it too easy on yourself, you'll never grow.  If you make it too big, too grandiose and hard on yourself, you”ll quit long before you ever get there.

I call this having “many mini victories”.  You need both.  You must have many victories along the way to the BIG victory.  And when you have mini victories (small accomplishments that make you feel good), it keeps you in the game and motivated.

Write them down. 
Keep them with you. 
Review them often. 
Make adjustments where necessary.  

Go get it!  How bad do you want it?

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