How to Keep More of your Customers

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In today's network marketing environment, customer acquisition is KING.  Gone are the days (or, at least they should be) of distributor only consumption.

I remember a time in the mid 1990's when a lot of network marketing companies lost sight of what was important:  REAL CUSTOMERS.  There was a window of time back in the day when the focus was on getting distributors on auto-ship to get other distributors on auto-ship…and there was almost no talk of real customers outside of the compensation plan.

Well…today customers are crucial.  I've seen a great trend the past few years where more and more companies have become incredibly focused on customer acquisition.  In fact…many of them are focused now with a “customer first” philosophy.  Knowing that…you might want to clue in on what it takes to keep more of your customers.

Regardless of what your company's focus is…you no doubt NEED to focus on gathering customers (end users) who consume or use whatever product or service your company markets, without participating in the compensation plan.  In other words, these are REAL customers…not people who are in to make money.

Three Way to Keep More of your Customers

#1:  Stay in Contact with Them.  Don't just sign someone up on your product or service and hope your customer is going to figure it out for themselves.  Believe it or not, people actually do that.  They sign someone up and leave them hanging.   That is NOT a good strategy for long term customer retention…or customer retention at all.  Make sure that once someone commits to your product or service that you commit to staying connected with them during their first few days, their first few weeks and well into their first few months of being on your stuff.  The reality is this.  You should ALWAYS stay connected to your customers as long as they are customers.  There's never a day where you decide to no longer talk to the people that are personal customers of yours.  Do that…and you'll have a good customer base.

#2:  Teach Them How to Use your Stuff.  Make sure you take the time to teach your new customer how to have the best product experience imaginable.  The example I used in the video above should set the tone and help you more deeply understand what I am talking about.  A luke-warm shake isn't going to be nearly as good as an ice-cold frothy shake right out of a blender.  Don't assume they know how to use your product or service.  Teach them.

#3:  Tell Them About Potential Side Effects.  A lot of products are so good that a customer MAY experience a side-effect (a detox headache, rash, the runs, etc.)  Yea…I said “the runs.”  One of my friends turned me onto a product years ago…and one of the side effects of taking it during the first few days was exactly that.  Probably a good thing to tell your potential client.  Yea…kinda blunt, but you get my point.  If you fail to tell your new customer about a “potential” side effect…even if it's in a tiny amount of the people that try it, you may lose them.  Be honest.  Tell the truth…and make sure your new customer knows what might happen.  You'll keep more of them when you tell them ahead of time.

Pretty simple if you want to keep more of your customers…stay in contact, teach them how to use it, and make sure they know what might happen ahead of time.

Customers are king…and you want lots of them!

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