How to Never Sponsor a Loser, a Whiner or a Complainer into your MLM

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This one's kinda fun!  What a subject, huh?  There's a way to go about getting good people into your business and avoiding those who complain, moan, cry, politic and do everything BUT produce.  If you want to avoid time wasters, then watch this one.

Recruiting is the key to success in this business.  Once you ENROLL someone, it is where the work begins.  Too often, people think that the act of signing someone up is the end of the sale, when it is actually the beginning.  As you go about building your business, you want to do your best to AVOID bringing front line problems onto your team.  Interestingly enough, you'll find that those who suck most of your time from you can often be those who are the LEAST productive.  If you invest your time in seeking talent, you'll avoid some of those problems and spend more of your time with the RIGHT people.

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