How to Properly Execute a 3-Way Connect Call

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The number ONE SECRET to out producing everyone on your team, even if you're making the same amount of calls.
  • Why this tactic works and makes you a LOT of money… without any extra effort on your part.
  • How to properly execute a 3-way connect call, so you feel confident in using them to increase your numbers.

ONE SECRET To Out Producing Everyone

Quick story…

There were two ladies who were getting started in the same MLM company. We'll call this ‘Company X'. One named Sue and the other named Dawn. Both excited to build their network marketing empire with company X.

Both, committed to building their business and doing the work. They both had a system for contacting 10 new people a day about their business. They were both great on the phone and connected easily with people.

What's interesting is that both did NOT get the same results. Sue, would talk with 10 people a day and end up recruiting on average 1 new person a week into her business.

Here's what was strange…

Dawn would also talk with 10 people a day, but she ended up recruiting an average 6 people a week into her business. That's 5 TIMES MORE sponsored people than Sue… per week!

What was Dawn's secret?

What was she doing that Sue was NOT doing? And why after their first 90 days in the business was Dawn, four pin ranks ABOVE Sue… with close to 60 more people in her business?

What was Dawn doing that Sue was not doing? Turns out Dawn was doing 3-way calls with her entire team. While Sue was trying to do all the talking herself.

If you want to ramp up your production then using 3-way calls is the way to go. 3-way calls are a great tactic to use when building your business.

Let's look at…

Why This Tactic Works and Makes You a Lot of Money!

When most people hear about the 3-way call, they start thinking that it's some ‘old' thing people used to do back in the day. Now, with social media here, there's no need to do a 3-way call.

Well, that's where THEY would be wrong. The reason this works so well is because it allows a brand new person to start putting people into the business… without knowing that much about the business.

I'll share with you HOW TO do a 3-way call, in these ‘social media' times, but it's important you understand WHY it works. This way you can use it regardless of the media type.

Here's a few reasons WHY it works so well:

     * 3-way calls… let people know you're not doing this business alone

     *3-way calls… show people, there's successful people doing this business

     *3-way calls… make prospecting EASIER because your upline can do all the talking and presenting for you… plus you learn on demand

     *3-way calls… allow edification on both ends, so the prospect feels they're… joining a group of professional people

Plus much more 


How to Properly Execute a 3-Way Connect Call

Ok, make sure you watch the training above because I get into the specifics on how to best do this. For you skimmers reading this, here's the process…

1) Game plan with your upline so you know the best times they'll be available to do a 3-way call.

2) Contact your ENTIRE UPLINE and start connecting with everyone on the team. The more connections you make the better. Now you'll be able to match certain personalties between your prospects and upline.

3) When you're on the call with your prospect, text your upline so you can line up the 3-way call.

4) Practice doing 3-way calls on your mobile device, so you get good with the tech-side of group calling.

Once you start using 3-way calls in your business, you'll start to see your numbers increase. Then once you train your team to start also doing 3-way calls, your team will start growing on a daily basis.

In this episode #29, It's all about how to… “How to Properly Execute a 3-Way Connect CallListen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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