How to Record Conference Calls and Produce Products on Demand

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People ask me all the time, “How do you record your audio?”

There are lots of different ways to capture and record audio, and several reasons for doing so.

– You may want to record your team training calls.
– You may want to record yourself while prospecting.
– You may want to record training you are personally conducting for future use.

There are many uses for recording stuff. I pretty much record everytyhing I do at this point…every Monday night call, which is then archived at MLM Power Hour

I also record almost every “guest” speaking gig I do as well. You never know when you might want to use that content for something in the future.

You could use something as simple as BYO Audio

I've found them to be very easy to use…and pretty cheap as well, without you having to be the “audio recording expert.”

While I DO use BYO Audio for a number of different purposes, I have a very specific set up in my office that enables me to record both sides of a conversation or conference call on my phone line with the “click” of a button.

As you will see in this video tutorial, I use something call the JK Audio Inline Patch. They are pretty easy to find on Ebay and other sites. Here's a direct link to it so you can see what it looks like up close:
JK Audio Inline Patch

I have the Inline Patch connected between my computer and my telephone (very easy to do), and the software that I personally use is Adobe Audition. There are lots of software choices for recording and editing. This just happens to be what I've used for several years. The cool thing about recording with this versus something like BYO Audio is that you can save your audio in .wav format or .mp3. For QUALITY purposes, a .wav file is going to be much better. However, for most people, recording and saving in .mp3 is sufficient.

Here's the software I use: Adobe Audition

As I reference in the video, your recordings will sound like “telephone” recordings since the mic being used is actually your telephone. You can go a bit more elaborate than that if you choos, but this is my basic set up.

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