How to Rip Apart Someone’s Downline

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Wanna know how to build a group super fast?

Watch this video as Todd teaches you how to do it right, by operating like a PRO and living my the Golden Rule…

In this video, Todd shows you a surefire way to rip apart someone else's downline, so you can get rich with very little effort. Be sure to watch this video as Todd loses his marbles once again and discusses exactly how to go about growing your team.

Hint: The Golden Rule applies. Watch it…before you judge.

There is a very powerful message in this video about EXPANDING our profession and impacting the lives of lots of people who need financial change in their lives.  And…because network marketing provides AVERAGE people the opportunity to create significant change, we ought to be doing some EXPANDING…outside of our own profession.  Let a powerful lesson be learned here.

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