How to Sell Bigger Packages in Network Marketing

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If you'd like to know how to sell bigger packages in network marketing, this short video will give you some insight as to HOW to do it, and WHY you want to be doing it to create a greater opportunity for people to achieve success within your organization.

Most network marketing companies provide different options when it comes to starting a new business with them.  They all have a basic distributor kit, or starter kit as an entry level.  Many…if not most, also have “optional” packages that provide the new independent distributor or consultant with extra tools or advantages to move their business more quickly.

For example, your company may have options that look like this:

  • Distributor Kit:  Cost $49.95
  • Business Builder Pack:  Cost $299.00
  • Elite Entrepreneur Pack:  Cost $499.00

These of course are made up examples for this post.  Each package typically includes something “extra” or some added benefits to the end user (the new distributor) that will help them be better armed for doing business.

This is VERY typical in the network marketing profession for people to have different choices available to them in getting started.

From my personal experience in the field, people who have started with me by purchasing ONLY the distributor kit tend not to be as successful as those who purchase an optional business builder kit.

The phrase, “you can't sell from an empty wagon” is very true.  While in today's network marketing marketplace we don't really inventory product like we did in the 70's and 80's, having some product on hand for sampling is always a good idea.  And…if you're in a traditional Party Plan Direct Sales company, you are very likely going to have at least some inventory on hand.

Marketings love to scare you with comments like, “use our services so you don't have to become garage qualified”…garage qualified being a term used to describe “inventory loading” which was pretty prevalent 10 years ago or more, but not nearly as much today.

Still…if you're going to sell something, it might make sense to have a little extra on hand for people to try.

As far as knowing how to sell bigger packages in network marketing…it really comes down to this:

It's pretty hard to sell something that you don't personally own or have experienced first-hand.  

In other words, trying to sell someone a bigger package that you haven't personally purchased yourself is FAR more difficult than selling that package to someone when you've already done it personally.

Watch the video attached to this post that I shot in Trondheim, Norway to get a little more insight…

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