If a Person Quits, Don’t Be their Friend

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In today’s episode of Gettin’ Rich with Buzzy Boxer, you’re going to learn how to shrink your friends list.  

In fact…Buzzy is going to share with you exactly what you should do when a friend who was in your business decides to quit.  Very simply…just stop being their friend.  

Think about how your life will be when you literally have no friends anymore because those that were in your business and decided for whatever reason to stop participating…you just stop being their friend anymore.  

A great strategy for winning in life is this.  If they’re making you money, be their friend.  If not…delete them from your life.  

Sounds horrible, doesn’t it?  It is.  

People do this all the time in network marketing.  There are plenty of Buzzy’s out there who act this way.  If they’re your friend…it shouldn’t matter whether they are doing your business or not, right?

Don’t be like Buzzy Boxer.  He has no friends, makes no money and his life is awful.  

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