Is Network Marketing Tough?

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Is Network Marketing Tough? In this episode we'll answer that and cover…

  • Are You Built For This Profession?
  • Four Challenges of Network Marketing
  • What’s Cool About Network Marketing?

Hell yes, it is! How’s that for honesty?

Is network marketing tough? You bet, indeed it is! It’s freaking hard work. In the first place, it takes time to get it moving. Furthermore, people come and go; say they’ll be there, then they’re not; join, build and then bail to another company… and you get WAY more people saying no than yes.

In addition, companies fail, owners make bad decisions, uplines make poor choices…there are many variables in business. Is network marketing tough? Yep.

Did I scare you yet? Yea it’s tough, but it’s worth it.

With all that being said, it’s not so tough you can’t hack it. I mean this isn’t like going through BUDS training with the Navy Seals! It’s not nearly that kind of tough. And, it’s not like climbing Mt. Everest….that’s really tough!

Physically demanding…maybe a little. In all honesty, you need energy; you can’t be a total weakling. However, it’s FAR MORE mentally challenging than it is physical.

The fact that network marketing is tough is one BIG reason to develop some serious mental toughness. Your head needs to be in a good space and your BELIEFS need to be ROCK solid. In fact, I have a cool little download on that very subject called “Seven Steps to Mental Toughness”.  Feel free to download a FREE copy of it here: REGISTER FOR YOUR COPY HERE

That being the case, let’s switch to a lighter note for a second. While network marketing is tough, mentally challenging, somewhat physically demanding and takes time to build, it is flat out AMAZING when you get it going right. To tell the truth, there is nothing better than residual income from a network marketing company. Getting paid over and over again from the work you did one time is a very cool thing.

Imagine having $5000 or $10,000 a month coming in over and over that you don’t have to recreate every month?  What more is the income continues whether you work that week, that day or month. The FREEDOM that residual income creates is what makes the dedication and work worth it. So as tough as it is, the rewards are well worth anything you had to go through to get it.

Challenges of Network Marketing: What Makes it Tough?

Just to be clear, this isn’t a hit piece on the profession I’ve called home for 30+ years. Conversely, it’s me telling you the truth about it. As a matter of fact, anyone who goes around telling you that network marketing is easy is pretty much full of it.

1. It Takes Work

People fail in network marketing because, quite frankly, success takes some serious work. If you’re not afraid of putting in some sweat equity, you’ll be good. Not to mention, work ethic is a good quality to have anywhere.

2. You Get Rejected

I don’t look at rejection personally. In contrast, it’s how you perceive the no’s or no-shows that make the difference. However, one of the biggest challenges of network marketing is rejection. When you approach people about your product or business and hear the word NO over and over again it can be hard: we don’t like hearing the word no. I personally don’t believe that rejection exists in network marketing, at least not nearly as much as people fear it. I’ve reframed the thought of being personally rejected to the person simply saying no to themselves. It’s less personal that way. As a matter of fact, rejection shows up when you CHOOSE to take it personally and then allow it to dictate your future behavior.

3. You Need a Team to Succeed

Yes, you can join any number of network marketing companies, retail product or sell a service and make money.  But, that’s only one small part of the business.  And yes, you can earn a full time, respectable income just by gathering customers and not building a team.

However, to be truly successful in network marketing and earn significant income you need to build a team. If you don’t build a team, you’re missing one of the greatest attributes of the model…residual income from the sales of a team that you override and from which earn a percentage. Consequently, it’s advantageous to get paid on the efforts of a team than solely your own; that’s called LEVERAGE.

Nevertheless, building a team can be a challenge. People sign up and disappear or join for a while, then quit. Some do a little and some a lot. As a result, there’s constant movement in and out of an organization. It takes serious work to build a significant team, and not everyone is cut out for the ebbs and flows of a team organization.

4. Competition

We live in a day and age in network marketing where people have choices. For instance, they have choices of joining countless direct selling companies, as well as other side hustles like Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Uber Eats…or anything else, for that matter, which competes with someone’s attention in a gig economy.

What’s Cool About Network Marketing?

So, with all this struggle stuff and toughness, is it really worth it? Hell yes! There’s nothing better than when it's going right. When you have a growing team, making sales, people are succeeding, customers are benefitting…there’s nothing sweeter tasting than residual income.

1. It Gives You Flexibility

You set your own hours and can work from anywhere in the world. You’re never tied down to a location. You can work from home, your phone, the beach…it doesn’t matter. On the other hand, if you own a  restaurant, you’re not going anywhere. In that same regard, if you have built a business in real estate you’re likely not leaving that market. Geographic flexibility and personal flexibility is yours.

2. Low Start-Up Costs

Compared to traditional businesses, network marketing has low start-up costs and is probably the most affordable business you can get into with the highest financial upside potential. That’s actually a blessing AND a curse from my perspective. It’s so cheap to get in that we find people joining network marketing companies that shouldn’t even be in the profession. It’s not for everyone.

3. Unlimited Earning Potential

There are literally no limits. In fact, you can build as big of a team as you want. There is no cap other than that which you place upon yourself.

What more do I need to say?  Freedom, flexibility and no limits. So, is network marketing tough? Yes, but it’s worth it, especially when you get things going right!

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