Is your Product FDA Approved?

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FDA Approved:  Does it Matter?

How many people in network marketing have ever heard their prospect ask them the question,
“Is your product FDA Approved?”

Most of have heard the “FDA Approved” question in our careers, typically coming from a prospect who clearly doesn't understand the reality associated with FDA Approval, or has been duped into believing that the FDA has their best interests as numero uno.

By their own definition, directly off of their website, and in their own words, they say:

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a science-based regulatory agency whose mission is to protect the public health.  (Quoted word for word off their site.  I'm not giving them the liberty of me linking to their page from my blog post.)

I can certainly understand why a concerned prospect would ask the question,
“Is your product FDA Approved?”

But…we know that (without getting overly political) the FDA has our best interests at heart, don't they?

I mean, this big gigantic Governmental Agency is deeply and gravely concerned about your personal health, right?

They wouldn't “approve” or allow for anything to enter the marketplace that may deemed bad for us, would they?  I hope you sense the deep tone of sarcasm in the last few sentences.

If you really believe that this agency's sole concern is your individual health, then you may want to see what they approve to be sold in the US that aren't even close to good for you.

I could go deep down the rabbit hole in this post, but I'm not going to do that.

Bottom line…this post is written, and the video attached, to simply help you realize how ridiculous of a question “Is your product FDA Approved?” actually is.  Not to make fun of our prospects, mind you.

It's not their fault that they now ask that question.  The FDA has “programmed” these individuals to think that if a product isn't “FDA Approved”, then, “gosh, oh boy, it musn't be good for you then.”  

“Golly.  The FDA said it was good for us.  Their job is to watch out for the bad stuff being sent our way, so we don't ingest anything that could possibly be a damage to our health. ”  

Do you see how ridiculous that sounds?

Wait…let's look at some of the items that are either FDA Approved or allowed by the FDA to be sold in the US marketplace for your consumption.

O.K. Here we go.  I'm about to GO OFF a bit.  This just isn't good.

The FDA has approved “Farm Raised” fish.  Only problem is they pump them with chemicals to make them grow faster, so they can deliver more of that “fresh fish” to your stomach.

Prospect:  Is your product FDA Approved?
You:  Gosh, I certainly hope not!  Do you have any idea of some of the things the FDA has approved for consumption?  I honestly don't think I'd even want my product to be ‘FDA Approved'.  

The FDA recently has approved “genetically engineered Salmon”.  Yea.  Go Google that frightening one.  It makes me sick hearing this as a fisherman.  These “engineered in a lab by a Bio Tech” company fish will make their way into our rivers, spawn…and ultimately pollute what God put on the planet.  BioTech and fish should NOT be in the same sentence.

Prospect:  Is your product FDA Approved?
You:  No, it isn't.  And…I'm actually pretty happy about it.  Do you have any idea of some of the things the FDA has approved for consumption?  I'm not sure I'd even want my product to be ‘FDA Approved'.  

The FDA approved flame retardants in soft drinks.  Go check out Brominated Vegetable Oil, found in drinks like Mountain Dew.

Prospect:  Is your product FDA Approved?
You:  Nope.  Would it make you more inclined to purchase it if it was?  I'm not sure if you know this or not, but the FDA approves a lot of things that are not even considered fit for human consumption in other countries.  

The FDA has approved a genetic hormone called RGBH.  This is a hormone given to dairy cows to make them produce more milk.  27 countries now say they won't use it.  But…the good ole USA FDA does!

Don't even get me started with GMO and the FDA.  Argh!

Prospect:  Is your product FDA Approved?
You:  No…and we don't have any plans to try and make that happen.  The FDA regularly approves items that are horrific for your health, and I'm totally fine not being included in that group!  

The FDA has allowed the use of Sulfites as a Preservative in food for YEARS.
While they don't “approve” of cigarettes and other tobacco products, they certainly do allow them.

I'm not “bashing” the FDA.  I'm just telling the truth.
It's FACT.

And..the FACT is this.  From now on and into the future when you have concerned prospects who ask the “Is your product FDA Approved”? question, you now have something to rest peacefully on.

Well…maybe not peacefully knowing what they actually DO allow and approve, but peacefully from the standpoint of you being able to answer and address that question without worrying about whether your product is or isn't FDA Approved.

That is all for now.

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