Living a Life of Purpose

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I was thinking deeply a couple of nights ago as I lay in bed with my mind still spinning from the days activities. I do that often…lay in bed, my mind moving a million miles an hour, thinking, pondering, creating.

I began to think about life's PRIORITIES and MY life's PURPOSE.

We, meaning the human race, go through the same cycle as every other human being on earth goes through (but…with an infinite myriad of different experiences during that life cycle).

We're born, we learn, we grow, we grow old (at least some do), and then we die.

The human race goes on and on through procreation (you know…sex, babies, hopefully more sex, and then maybe more babies depending on an individual's preference).

What is YOUR life's purpose?

Looking even deeper into our life cycle, it will proceed as follows for the great majority:

You are BORN into this world, totally unconscious (in terms of one's mind).

Ages 0-7 most individuals go through what is called an IMPRINT period, absorbing everything around them like sponges, accepting much of it as true, especially coming from our parents. If raised in a decent family, one will learn the difference between right and wrong, good and bad.

Between the ages of 8 and 13, we go through the MODELING period, where we copy people…often our parents, friends and those that we are around the most. We try new things, much like we try a new set of clothes to see how it “fits” on us as individuals.

Between the ages of 13 and 21, we go through the SOCIALIZATION period, where we are largely influenced by our peers and the media, as we seek to be around those that we see or feel are similar to us.

Somewhere along the way, during or after the SOCIALIZATION period, many individuals seek out and find what they hope to be life partners, create and bring children into this world, and perpetuate the human race ad infinitum.

There are many, many, many other things, experiences, traumas, triumphs, tragedies, joyful and dreadful experiences…and an absolute mass of “other stuff” that happens to everyone, everywhere, wherever they exist throughout the world.

One of those experiences is WORK. Let's face it, to survive on this planet one must have money. Some choose to do what the masses do and get a job. Most people who are reading this are probably part of a smaller group of people that truly have a desire to create greatness in their lives and in the lives of others.

Again…remember, at one point, wherever that point is, we all die.

While we are here, and why I am writing this particular post is simple.

How do we go about living a life of real PURPOSE?

It's easy to go through life, going through the motions, working, eating, sleeping…living. But…


My friend Mark Yarnell says that “you must have a goal that is bigger than yourself.”

I agree with that.

Why not take it a step further and instead of just talking about “business” goals, have a discussion on the purpose of YOUR ENTIRE LIFE?

You ever ask yourself, “Why am I here?” or “What IS my purpose?”

While lying in bed the other night unable to sleep, I pondered this question greatly.

How do we live a life of balance, fulfillment, joy and happiness while leaving a legacy knowing that what we've done during our small amount of time on planet earth has made a SIGNIFICANT difference in some way, shape or form?

I don't know what your beliefs are, but I believe in a Higher Power…God.

This post is not to get into a discussion over religious preferences, debates over Darwinism, whose religion is right, or anything close to that.

I sat down and wrote out my priorities for living a life of PURPOSE.

IF you believe in God, or whatever you may call your Higher Being, isn't it important that we first SERVE Him in all that we do?

Next…my priority is me (or, in your case…YOU). Why? Without your existence, how can you possibly make a difference. So…if you are serving YOU, without maintaining quality of mind, body and soul, one simply withers away. You can't help your kids if you're dead. You can't build a business if you are dead. You can't do anything that I'm aware of in death. So…as you end this year, and begin the New Year of 2008, make sure you take care of YOU. Because without you, nothing is possible.

For those of us that are in relationships and looking to create long term unity, which doesn't seem to happen so often in North America and throughout the world for that matter, tender to those relationships. Focus on that partnership. Don't ignore it. Don't take it for granted, and don't let it slip.

BTW…I am not saying that I'm not guilty of any of these things I've just mentioned, or any of the things that I will mention, because I have. AWARENESS is the beginning of change.

Next…your offspring. That is, if you choose to take that route. I did. And while every moment isn't exactly the most pleasurable experience, raising children is one of life's greatest joys. Those of us that are parents or plan to be have a monumental responsibility of raising our offspring to become the greatest they can possibly be. I will never take that for granted and never forget how critically important that is.

Lastly…at least kind of, is your livelihood. How you choose to make your living each and every day to survive and thrive while you are here, to provide food, shelter and security for your family is certainly of grand importance.

Obviously, most if not all of you reading this post are involved in some form of Direct Sales or Network Marketing opportunity. Your position (or bonus check), as small or large as it might be at this very moment in time has the capacity to continue to grow even well beyond some of your wildest expectations.

How are you acting while building your business?

Are you just doing it for the money, the cars, and what ever else your mind might ponder?

Are you just going through the motions every day?

Are you “grinding” away trying to make a buck, forsaking all the other far more important things that life is all about?


Are you going out into the marketplace, living a life of grand proportions, a life that is truly PURPOSEFUL, making major differences for the better in all those that you touch, and doing so for the greater good of all mankind, knowing in your heart and with complete Faith, that you truly DO have a REAL and PROFOUND PURPOSE?

That is all I have to say…

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