Mastering the Art of Network Marketing

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Everyone wants to know how to be GOOD at this business. How IS it that one becomes a MASTER at their craft? A true master at network marketing…so good, so knowledgeable, so informed, so skilled, that no matter what they touch, it turns to gold.

When I started over 20 years ago in this business, I wanted to be good. I wanted to be able to have confidence and feel excited about building my business because I was getting results. I didn't want to spin my wheels. I didn't want to FAIL.

I became a master at this for three simple reasons. One…I didn't quit. Two, I worked my ass off. And three, I studied the masters.

I've taken my 21 years of network marketing and poured it into three days for you. Wanna get better? Wanna get super good? Wanna have a crystal clear understanding of what it takes? Then come see me for three days in Los Angeles November 19-21, 2010.

I'm making it ridiculously easy for you. My “Network Marketing Mastery Event” is three very powerful days of SPECIFIC EDUCATION ON NETWORK MARKETING.

The seminar normally sells for $497…but I have deeply discounted this final event of the year to a meager $97…and you can even bring a friend for free! So…it really kinda makes the seminar only about $50 for three full days! My friends think I'm nuts. My business coach told me I was ridiculous. But…I don't care.

I want you there. You want you there. No excuses. Register now and come see me in LA November 19-21. Bring a friend…perhaps a downline team member!

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