MLM Heavy Hitters: The Secret Behind their Success

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What do people like Dan McCormick, Brian Carruthers, Sherman Unkefer and Jimmy Smith all have in common?

 Now…this is interesting.  I know each and every one of these gentlemen personally, some more than others, but I DO personally know each of them.

 I personally call it “Morph” syndrome:

Wikipedia defines Morph as a fictional character, a comic book superhero in the Marvel Comics universe. He is a mutant shapeshifter.

 Now…while I am NOT AT ALL insinuating that these guys are comic book superheros, but they or most CERTAINLY superheros in their own right.

 I have a tremendous amount of respect for these people.  Why?

 They are unstoppable promoters.  They never quit promoting.  They are constantly on the move, consistently on top of their game, in a way most network marketers would dream of becoming.

 These gentlemen made a choice.  Do it, do it BIG, really BIG and keep on doing it.  They NEVER, EVER stop.

I know for a fact that each of these guys are in the financial position where if they chose to, they would never have to work another day in their livers. 

But…yet they continue.  And…not only do they continue, they are hitting it hard ALL THE TIME. 

 That is why I refer to them as “morphs”.  And when I say that word, I say it with a very, very positive meaning attached to it.  Something in fact, that we can all learn from.

 Are there others like them?  Sure.  Not many.  But, there are others who are so insanely focused on what they are doing that they can't help it but keep promoting. 

 Here's part of their stories (from my personal perspective):

Dan McCormick:  Dan is a Pharmanex distributor who I met years ago when we were working Body Wise International together.  Get this…Dan joins a company about 5 years ago (NuSkin/Pharmanex), a company that many people won't even consider because of their “age”, which is silly.  And…he and his partner Lon Wardrop go on to create an absolutely insanely large check in just a few short years.  Take Nathan Ricks for example.  Nate has been in NuSkin forever, and is still there, and still working strong.  Intensely focused, all of them.

 Brian Carruthers:  I met Brian several years ago.  I can't recall how long he has been in Pre-Paid Legal Services, but it has been a while.  What I see in Brian is a guy who is the consumate promoter, who never ever stops recruiting.  This guy is a machine and his check shows it. 

Sherman Unkefer:  Sherman is the single largest check in XanGo, at least according to my records, earning massive amounts of money, YET still hops on a plane almost every week traveling around the globe doing meetings and promoting XanGo.  Does he NEED to do it to receive his check?  Nope.  But, he still does it.  There's something to learn about each of these guy's habits.

Jimmy Smith:  He's a former butcher.  I think pushing the age of 70 who is the top guy in Isagenix.  Again…massive earnings and STILL plugging away, unstoppable in his approach to bring new people into his business. 

 What's the lesson here?  Look at what other successful people are doing and do the exact same thing.  They have incredible work ethic and commitment, EVEN though they could easily retire and live their lives doing whatever it is that they do outside of their network marketing businesses. 

 By the way, there are a bunch of other people who I could mention in this blog post, but these are the gentlemen who I know personally who stick out as being very unique in their absolute and total commitment to promotion.

 Remember, success is all about action.  ProMOTION.  You have to get into MOTION and take action to get results.  If you want MASSIVE results like these fellows, then take their lead and take MASSIVE ACTION in your business.

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