My Big, Ugly Network Marketing Mistake

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What's my big, fat, hairball network marketing mistake you ask?

Well…the truth is that I've made plenty of mistakes in my day as a network marketer.

In fact.  I still make them.  But…some of those mistakes are simply more costly than others.  Sometimes it takes learning a lesson TWICE for it to sink in.  I hope you NEVER, ever have to learn this lesson the hard way.

This particular network marketing mistake was so big that I had to set a rule for myself.

“Todd…don't you dare do that ever again.  Not ever.  You are setting a HARD rule for yourself from this point forward…and it is NOT to be broken under any circumstance!”

You do something wrong once, and it hurts.
You do it twice, it both hurts and makes you mad that you didn't learn from your first experience.  AND…it hurts super bad in the pocketbook.  Even writing this gives me the willies.

I would encourage you to watch the previous blog post video if you haven't done so already, since it is a bit of a follow up on it.

When it comes to building a big organization, we're always looking for super independent people…folks that can go out and crush it and no longer need our help.

It's what we look for as business builders, isn't it?

Think about it.  You're looking for independent, hard working people that will go out and build a huge business…regardless of YOU being in the picture.  That's the cat's meow in this profession.  Prrrrrrrrr….

So…knowing that's exactly what you're looking for, you best be aware of what can happen if you fall asleep at the wheel.  I know.  I did it.  Twice.  And…it cost me an absolute fortune in future earnings.  I crashed.  Hard.

Don't make the same network marketing mistake I did.  I call it My 7-Day Rule.  And…it's something you want to live by.  I teach it in this video.  So…make sure you watch it.

This is one worthy of passing on to your teammates because it can be extremely easy to fall victim to this issue if you don't grab a hold of it right now…today.

Are you ready to make your BIG Move?

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