Network Marketing Attrition:  Why People Leave

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Network Marketing attrition is simply part of the business.  People come and people go…and they always will.  However, people oftentimes leave the profession entirely or go to other companies and have success elsewhere.  

WHY couldn’t they make that company work?  How come they went to another company and saw success there?  What was the difference?  

This question should be asked by every leading network marketing distributor as well as every C-Level employee at corporate headquarters.  This post isn't just a commentary; it's a wake-up call to network marketing company owners and independent distributors alike. It's time to face the music, address the core issues, and strategize on retaining talent rather than watching it walk out the door. 

The Hard Truth About Network Marketing Attrition

Let's cut to the chase. Network marketing attrition is a problem that needs addressing.  When people are pouring their heart and soul into their work, adhering to the strategies laid out, and still not seeing financial results, something is off.  Sometimes it’s their lack of dedication and doing the right kind of work.  That’s not what this post is about.  If someone isn’t working, they don’t deserve to be earning.  

However…for someone who is doing the RIGHT kind of work for an extended period of time and STILL not getting results, that’s a problem.  Why can’t the company keep people around?  Why do customers buy once and never again?  Again…questions that need to be asked by both company owners and distributors alike that are facing a retention problem.  

The Root Causes

  • Unrealistic Expectations: Many join the network marketing journey with stars in their eyes, expecting quick returns with minimal effort. When reality hits, the disappointment can be jarring. Companies and upline leaders must be transparent about the challenges and the true path to success.
  • Lack of Support: Success in network marketing is heavily reliant on training, mentorship, and support. When distributors feel abandoned by their uplines or find the training inadequate, it's not long before they decide to throw in the towel.
  • Diminished Trust: Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship, including that between distributors and their uplines or companies. Once trust is eroded—be it due to unmet promises, perceived lack of integrity, or support—rebuilding it is a Herculean task.  Lack of trust is likely one of the primary reasons people leave network marketing companies.  If a distributor loses trust in the ownership, they’re gone.  If they can’t trust their upline, they’re gone.  BOTH parties need to address this issue. 
  • Product Disparity: Even with a stellar product, if the business model or compensation plan is not equally compelling, people will leave. A good product alone does not guarantee success; the overall package needs to be attractive and fair.  And…you can also have a mediocre product that is exceptionally marketed and you still see success.  The best product isn’t always the one that wins.  

A Call to Action for Network Marketing Leaders

This isn't about finger-pointing or laying blame. It's a call to action. Network marketing leaders, both at the corporate and distributor levels, need to take a hard look at their practices, policies, and promises.

  • Enhance Training and Support: Ensure that every distributor, regardless of their level, has access to comprehensive training and ongoing support. Equip them with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.
  • Foster Transparency and Integrity: Set realistic expectations from the get-go. Be honest about the challenges and potential rewards. Integrity in dealings and promises will foster trust and loyalty.
  • Communicate Clearly:   Failure to communicate clearly with your teams or from an ownership perspective, with the distributors at large can be a recipe for failure.  Don’t leave them guessing.  Make them feel valued, wanted and appreciated.  
  • Listen and Adapt: Pay attention to feedback from your distributors. They are on the front lines and understand the market dynamics. Adapt your strategies and policies to address their concerns and the changing market.

Network Marketing Attrition is a multifaceted issue that requires a concerted effort to address. It's time for those at the helm of network marketing companies and those working tirelessly on the ground to come together, reflect, and implement changes that will not only reduce attrition but also foster an environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Remember, a successful network marketing business is not just about selling products; it's about building a sustainable and supportive community that grows together. Let's not shy away from the difficult conversations; instead, let's use them as a springboard for transformation.

Feel free to share your thoughts.  Digging deeper into this conversation call altered the future of network marketing companies for good.

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