Network Marketing Blog: Yes or No?

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Network Marketing Blog:  Is it a necessity these days?

There's a lot of blogging in network marketing…and a lot of talk ABOUT whether or not to start a network marketing blog.

Do you have to blog to make money in network marketing?
Is it necessary for me to be blogging in network marketing?
Should I start a blog to make money in network marketing?
Do you need a network marketing blog?

Here's my take on this subject…and I go into some good detail on it throughout the video attached to this network marketing blog post.

You're reading and watching this network marketing blog.  I blog.  I blog regularly.  Been doing it for over 10 years.

Does that mean however that YOU need to blog?  I have so many people asking me these days, “Todd…do I need to start a network marketing blog to be successful in network marketing?”

My answer is a resounding NO.  No you don't.  Not at all.  In fact…for MOST people, I would strongly advice against it.

Now…before you get all peeved at me for saying that, there's a lot of things to consider.

Are you an expert in what you are talking about?
If not…then don't blog about it.

Is content easy for you to produce?
If so…then it might be something worth considering.

Does it have to be a network marketing blog?
NO.  In fact, it may be to your ADVANTAGE for the blog (if you choose to blog) to not be specifically about network marketing.  IF you do blog, the best thing to do is BLOG about something you know a lot about, you are passionate about, and something that is super easy to come up with content and write about.  The hardest thing about blogging is coming up with consistently fresh content…and bloggers have to blog ALL the time.

Watch the video.  I'm not against people blogging about network marketing.  I do it.  I do it all the time.  But…I'm also blogging for a very specific reason, and that's to provide network marketing training based on my expertise and history in network marketing.

I didn't just wake up one day and proclaim myself an “expert” in network marketing and begin to BRAND myself as something that I wasn't already.

Blogging is hard work.  In fact…it's viciously difficult at times.  In the past two days alone, and this is NO JOKE, I have spent over 18 hours sitting at my desk pounding out blog posts, typing, writing, and doing videos.  Even as I type this right now, I am utterly exhausted and my hands are aching.  My sciatica in my leg is flaring up from sitting and my left wrist is numb.  That's the truth right there!

Watch the video.  What are your priorities?  Make the best decision for you.

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