Network Marketing Leadership: Break this Rule, Lose Millions

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Network Marketing Leadership:  Break this Rule, Lose Millions

So…don't blow this message off because you're not yet making millions.  Even if you lose $10,000 because you didn't pay attention to how important this message is to your bottom line, it's still a ten grand loss.  I don't like losing money, do you?

I'm a pretty quick study.  Meaning…if I make a mistake, I figure out pretty quickly that I've made one and do my best not to do it again.  This unfortunately, is one of those lessons that took me TWO BAD EXPERIENCES to finally learn once and for all.

And…it cost me at least a few hundred thousand in lost earnings, if not more.

When it comes to network marketing leadership, this is a PRIORITY, and should be tattooed into your brain so thick that you never ever forget it.  That's how important this lesson, this message is.

There are TONS of important things to talk about when it comes to leadership in this profession, but for sure, my 7-Day Rule is a must.  Don't ever break it.  When you do, you'll lose.  You could lose large sums of money in lost earnings by not heeding this warning.

I hope that's direct enough for you.  Watch the video, and never, ever break this rule.

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