Network Marketing Leadership: How to Multiply your Volume

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Want to up your Network Marketing Leadership Game?

Then…you might want to make sure you're on this “month end” program.  It will make your month BOOM bigger than you've ever seen it…IF you take the time to do this.

I was so excited to wake up this morning reading my newsfeed with people talking about their month end.  Rank advancements, huge gains in volume, people excited…and their businesses growing ON PURPOSE!

One of the most important team building strategies…and for sure a network marketing leadership MUST is this:

A lot of new people and inexperienced network marketers simply don't know how to do this…and fail to take advantage of one of the most important times of the month: the last week.

Here's something you DO NOT WANT TO DO.  Don't just let your month run out without purposefully finishing it up.
What's that mean exactly?  I'll tell you.

The proper strategy in wrapping up your month is to make sure that you scour through your organization and look for people that are close to advancing in rank.  You need to be calling them, and working with them the last week of the month to help them ensure that they get to their next rank.

All network marketing companies have a compensation structure that allows you to reach for higher ranks or pin levels. And…with those higher ranks, come bigger checks.

Your job is to finish the month strong.

Here's my philosophy on building a team and wrapping up your month.  It's two simple actions to think about.  And, anyone who simply DECIDES to do this…can DO this.

Network Marketing Leadership:  Two Steps to Closing your Month Strong

#1:  Build for three.  Close for one.  That means this.  You spend the entire first few weeks of the month building your business  That means that you're recruiting new reps, putting new customers on board and supporting your active team members.  The LAST WEEK is where you start to CLOSE YOUR MONTH.  Start digging through your genealogy report and looking for people who are close to a rank advancement.  Don't assume that they know where they are.  Communicate with them.  Reach out to them on the PHONE and help them get that extra volume needed to make it to the next level.

#2:  The Last Two Days are for Closing ONLY.  I'd suggest this.  Don't ever make any play plans the last couple days of the month.  You can take your vacation any other days except these two.  The last two days are the most crucial days for you to be wrapping up the month.  In fact, the ONLY thing you should be doing those last 48 hours is closing the month.  Forget about going out and trying to find new prospects these last two days.  Dig through your group.  Finish helping these people that are close to hitting rank to do it.  If you need extra volume…then find it with your existing customers or distributors.

The last thing you want is to have your month end on a fizzle.  You want your month to end on a high note.  One super big key to advancing your network marketing leadership levels is stepping up your game when it comes to month-end.

Every top earner I know does this.  It's pretty easily evidenced by the fact that they're extremely busy those final two days of any month.  And…they're busy, because they are investing time doing exactly what I just shared with you.

You can literally take your month and double, triple or even grow your volume by MULTIPLE FOLD those final days of the month.  Why?  Simple.  People on your team are striving for something.  They're reaching for the next level and want it.  And…when you help them get it, things happen.

Don't wait around for it and hope that business will finish strong…it likely won't.  This is something you make happen, and it takes work.  But, the rewards for doing it are HUGE.  More rank advancements, more volume and bigger checks all the way around.

Go for it.  Don't forget to do this ON PURPOSE.  Plan your month accordingly.

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