Network Marketing Leadership: Success or Disaster

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Network Marketing Leadership:  Success or Disaster

When it comes to network marketing leadership, I can walk into a room immediately recognize true success or a disaster in the making.  It's painfully obvious to those who know what to look for when it comes to network marketing leadership.

I get an interesting viewpoint being in so many different events, cultures, companies and countries.  It's really cool to see a well run group and how they operate.  And…it's very sad to see a group that clearly is not moving in the right direction.

This can easily be prevented.  I talk about one aspect of leadership in this video, on the subject of EVENTS.

Network Marketing Leadership:  Events Are a Big Tell

Walk into any event anywhere in the world…and when it starts, I can immediately tell what kind of culture they are creating, based on WHERE the leaders are and what they're doing.  It's like a “tell” in poker.  It's obvious…watch my video and learn from it.

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