Network Marketing Professional? Not this guy…

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networkmarketingprofessionalMeet Buzzy.  Buzzy is definitely not a network marketing professional.  You certainly don't want to do what this guy does. Beware of the Buzzy's in the world!

In fact…if you're involved in the network marketing profession, you are going to want to pretty much avoid doing everything that this guy does on video.

How to Be a Network Marketing Professional:
The Buzzy Way

In this business opportunity spoof…you'll witness some of the….  Well…just watch.

Back in 2008 I was driving home from the gym and had one of those “funny creative moments”.

I've seen people do all sorts of crazy things in this business that simply make them look like amateurs…and it happens all the time.  So…on a crazy, creative whim, I produced this video and called it “Business Opportunity Spoof.”  That was the day that Buzzy Boxer was born!

Since then, I've been asked many times to produce videos with me playing the character Buzzy Boxer.  In fact…I've done it now in front of audiences of as many as 4000 people LIVE!

If you've been around network marketing for any period of time, you'll definitely get a laugh out of all the goofy things that happen in this video.  Careful!  If you laugh too loud, you might end up missing some of the subtleties of humor in this video.

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