Network Marketing Recruiting: Finding Quality and Talent

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If you want to really become good at network marketing recruiting and blow past amateur status as quickly as possible…it's important you get some clarity around what it is you are looking for in a business partner.

Do you know exactly what you want???  Can you see it?

Everyone wants to bring good people into their business.  I hear this stuff all the time:

“Where are all the good people at?”  
“Where can I find leaders?”
“How can I get people that actually do something?”

And…just to be clear, I'm not at all talking about you running all over town attempting to go sign up a current network marketers into your business.  To be real straight with you…I personally don't like focusing on recruiting other network marketers.  Not that I wouldn't if they came across my path…I just think there are a lot better things you can be doing with your time, rather than trying to pull someone out of a deal they are already in, making claim that your company or opportunity is superior and they should drop what they are doing to join you.

If you want to UP your network marketing recruiting game, you need to learn how to develop people into becoming a network marketing professional.  All current network marketing pros were once brand new, amateur and novice…totally fresh and new to this profession.

Now…granted, many of them very likely exhibited specific qualities that proved to work well once they became involved in this profession, but they came in with NO network marketing experience.

The first thing you need to do if you really want to bring/attract/recruit good quality people into your business is become crystal clear with the exact qualities you are looking for in an individual.  That is the beginning of the HIGH LEVEL network marketing recruiting game.  I know…because when I started, I'd talk to anyone who had a pulse, and that's not exactly qualifying now, is it?

Network Marketing Recruiting:  The Two-Step Qualifying Process

Getting good quality people into your space involves two very simple steps.  The first one is on visualization.  The second step is identification.

The visualization process begins with you writing down what you want.  That's step one.  Write down the qualities you want in a business partner.  I'd be thinking things like:  fun, outgoing, hard working, and honest.  I could of course write a lot more…but this is what YOU are looking for in your business.

Now…the SECOND, and monstrously important part of this exercise is the identification process.  After you've written down your list, put a checkmark next to the qualities that you know you personally exhibit and identify with in your life.  Then…you can begin to see where you might require making a few changes because you generally ATTRACT WHO YOU ARE.  Like attracts like.  Can you personally identify with the qualities you are seeking?  Can you relate?

If you want to attract someone with a specific quality or attribute, it would be a very smart idea to be that way yourself.  That's the identification process.  That's it.  Visualize it first.  SEE what it is you want.  Write it down.  Two.  See how many of them you personally exhibit and identify with on a personal level in your life.  Those that you want, but don't exhibit, see what you can do to begin to exhibit those qualities in your life.

Make sense?  Good!  Now…go do this exercise.  It's powerful!  And…you'll find yourself molding more and more into someone who in their network marketing recruiting pretty easily attracts people who do big things!

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