Network Marketing Success Tip: Slow Down to Speed Up

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When we're training our people to be successful in network marketing, there's a lot of talk about the NUMBERS.

“You need to get your numbers up.”
“You need to be prospecting more.”
“You need to understand that it's a ‘numbers' game.”
“You need to sponsor more people.”  

And…while all of that is true, and many people aren't doing the kind of numbers they need to be doing, sometimes a problem occurs for those that ARE doing the numbers.

There's two BIG challenges that I see people facing who are actively building their businesses…

Challenge #1:  Too Much Focus on the Numbers and Not Enough on Quality

People get so focused on the numbers that the quality of their presentations and conversations suffer.  They often get so wrapped up in the fact that they need to get their numbers up (and they do), but they allow the QUALITY of their conversations and presentations to suffer as a result of it.

Network Marketing Success Tip #1:  Balance your Numbers with Quality Conversations and Presentations 

Make sure that you are prospecting and presenting to enough people to grow your business, just don't allow the quality of your presentations and conversations to suffer.  If you're in such a rush that you aren't spending quality time with the people you are attempting to recruit, you'll end up missing out on some really good people.

Challenge #2:  Being Too Focused on Recruiting the NEXT Rep

The second challenge that faces a lot of people is being so focused on recruiting the NEXT person, that they don't spend time with the person they just recruited and help them get started!  Yes!  In all compensation plans, you need to recruit more than one person.  In fact…continuing to recruit new people should be a big part of what you do.  But…you just had someone enroll with you.  It's time to give them some attention and help them get started!

Network Marketing Success Tip #2:  Slow Down, to Speed Up

I did an interview recently with a really amazing couple…and this exact subject came up in our conversation.  They've been in one company for about 10 years and have recruiting only about 80 people…and have a HUGELY successful group.

Here's the deal.  Because they have  such a solid philosophy of helping their new people find their first two reps within 48 hours, they're slowing down enough to create speed in their organization.  That's where the term “slow down to speed up” comes from.

If you slow yourself down just a bit, you'll find yourself spending more quality time with your prospects so that you LEARN more about them and when you enroll them, you'll actually be building your business FASTER.

It's pretty simple.  Slow down and HELP your new people get started.  Help them engage and get a check.  Help them figure it out. Don't do it for them, but be there to do it WITH them and help them create some initial success.

Do this…and you'll find your business growing faster.  No need to be in a rush.  We all know that if you ‘rush' through something, you don't do nearly as good a job as you would if you simply slowed down a bit and did it right the first time.

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