Network Marketing Tip: Busting out of a Plateau

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Network Marketing Tip of the Day

I hate this, but it's true.  If you're in network marketing, you will hit a flat spot.  It is inevitable.  You'll be rocking along in your business…then all of a sudden, flatness.

There are lots of reasons for plateaus and doldrums in business.  Seasons, economic conditions, leadership issues, company problems…you name it.

But…you knowing how to work your way out of it, is what's going to save you.

I have a super simple network marketing tip for you that's likely going to piss you off a bit, because it is just that…incredibly simple.

In fact, some people want to try and make it more difficult than it really is…thinking, “There is no way it can be as simple as that.  There has to be something more to it than what you are sharing here Todd.”

Honestly…in all my years of selling both in and out of network marketing, including being a network marketing speaker and trainer now for over 15 years, this is the ONLY WAY out of a sales slump.

I talk about it in this video I did at Eric Worre's “Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event” where I get the chance to share the stage with Tony Robbins, and other amazing entrepreneurs.

The most important part of this is recognizing that you've hit a bad spot…and then doing something about it as quickly as possible.  If you're in a hole, you may literally have to dig your way out of it.  Grab your shovel and start working on it until you are back on stable ground.

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