Network Marketing Training: Why Knowing your Line of Sponsorship is KEY

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Everything I do is inspired by things that go on in my life and all around me.  Almost every blog post I've ever produced has been a reflection of something going on in my space.  Every network marketing training I've ever done has been inspired by my personal life experiences around those subjects being taught.  This one as well.

So…had a chat today with a great coaching client of mine.  Super nice guy…working hard at changing and growing.  Found himself a company that he feels really good about…they fit.

He…like many people, and in this case, because he is BRAND NEW to this network marketing company he's involved in, doesn't know many people in the deal yet.  That's fairly normal.  It's kinda like moving into  new neighborhood and getting to know the folks that live around you.

Let me be blunt.  KNOW your line of sponsorship.  Don't be the person that ONLY knows the person who signed you up.  Understand clearly why this is important.  You're growing a home-based business.  You're sponsoring people into a network marketing company and doing some team building.  You have an entire line of potential ASSETS that can be very advantageous for you in helping you and your group grow.

Lots of people are blind…yet they CAN see.  Their eyes are open, yet they see very little.  Make sure you are one of those people in life that have a keen sense of sight, because you CHOOSE to have that level of ocular awareness.

Watch this video I did…and it sums up what I am talking about.

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