One Key to Better Network Marketing Distributor Retention

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Distributor Retention should be a priority for you in this business.  In fact…it's something you should DEEPLY focus on and be doing everything in your power to maximize the amount of both distributor retention as well as customer retention.

What can you do to make sure people STAY?  Getting them off to a FAST Start is critical!!!  In fact…after you read this and watch this video, be sure to download the “Cheat Sheet” you see on this page.  It will do a great job in helping you improve your network marketing distributor retention.

Why did they come into your business in the first place???  Because they wanted something GOOD to happen, right???

The came in because they wanted something out of your business!  Your goal then is to help them stay long enough to get out of it what they wanted from the beginning.  They saw something for themselves.  Help them get it!

Here's a fact.  Most people feel uncomfortable when they are alone, but in a group.  Hear this.  Some people are very fine being all by themselves.  I have no problem rolling solo.  I can be out in the woods and not see a soul for days and be totally fine with it.

However, put a person in a room with a group of people who all know each other…yet you're the only person in the room who literally knows NO ONE, and it is very likely going to make you feel uncomfortable.

We've all very likely been put in this very situation multiple times in our lives.  You show up to to meet a friend at a stranger's party.  Your friend isn't there yet.  Everyone knows each other.  You're the stranger in the room.  You literally don't know anyone.  How do you feel???  Most people would feel either slightly uncomfortable or very uncomfortable, depending on the situation.

That SAME THING can happen in your network marketing group.

You have a brand new person who just joined.  The only person they know is you.  Your job from the MOMENT they join is to help affirm their decision to join…to remove any potential buyer's remorse and make them feel at home.

One of the best things you can do to improve your network marketing distributor retention is to immediately introduce them to other leaders on the team.  The moment I sign you up into my business I'm going to introduce you to my sponsor, my sponsor's sponsor…and so on.  I want you to feel AT HOME, not feel like an outsider or a stranger.

Do yourself a favor and take the time to get your new people cemented in to your organization by spending some time and helping them get to know others that have a vested interest in their success.  They're more likely to stick and when/if they need help and you aren't around, they'll have people that they can go to for help, rather than feel all alone.

If they only person they know in their upline is you, that's a problem.  Prevent the problem from ever happening.  Take the time to help your new person feel as if they are part of the team.  Get them introduced to others.  They'll feel better about their decision and be WAY more likely to stick around because of it.

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