One Network Marketing Strategy for Faster Growth

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Your team doesn't grow on accident…not if you want sustained success.  One very simple network marketing strategy for faster growth within your team is looking for small pockets, and making them become BIG pockets of activity.

Remember.  Your group doesn't grow by accident.  You're not waiting, wishing or hoping for something to happen.  Instead, you dig in and take specific actions that grow your team.

Always be looking for pockets of activity within your organization.

A pocket of activity is this.  It's anyone who is engaged, involved, building, creating volume, or rank advancing.  Go through your genealogy report each month and look for these people.

These are assets on your team, and will likely end up being what I call and “anchor” person in that leg.  That's an individual whose efforts and growth anchor and hold that organization together.

Most people don't do this because they either don't know they should, or they haven't been taught to do it.

In the video above, I tell you very quickly what to look for and what to do when you find them.

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