Over 1.8 Million Facebook Followers: A Case-Study

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1,882,000 Facebook Followers…and Climbing!

If you're in business, you want more Facebook followers.  The more followers you have, the more massive the group that engages with you…the more reach you have and the more likely you'll grow a business using Facebook.

Everyone in business wants more exposure on Facebook.  Yet…

…Facebook is changing all the time…and nobody really know the “rules”, because they don't publish most of them. Facebook leaves us guessing and always having to shift in how we do things.  That's one thing you can count on…change.   And…you best stay on top of it if you want more people following you on your Facebook page.

For example, when it comes to Facebook, no one really knows…

  • Quantity of Daily Posts.  The ideal amount of times to post per day for maximum results (i.e. Likes, Comments and Shares) isn't really known.  Bottom line however…you have to be consistent.
  • Messaging. How many people you can message before Facebook “flags” you?  No one really knows.  Again, here's a place you want to be careful and not Private Message too many people on a given day.
  • Friend Requests.  How many friend-requests you can send before being put in “Facebook Jail”?  Again…an unknown number.  Don't go overkill here either.  Use your judgment.
  • Too Much Engagement.  Believe it or not, if you Like, Comment or Share TOO much, Facebook may flag you.  Crazy, isn't it?  You can actually get your account put into a limited capacity by Liking too many posts!

I think the overall theme about what I mentioned above, is don't go too nuts.

Overkill:  If you post 50 times a day, private message 100 people, send 200 friend requests and “Like” everything you see…you're asking for trouble.

But, we do know many things, and it doesn't take much to figure it out.  If you're engaged on Facebook and you WATCH what is happening, you can see things that work vs. don't work simply by being AWARE.

For example, here are some things you can count on…at least for now:

  • Video is Trending on Facebook and shown more than pretty much every other type of post (at least…at this moment). Facebook Live is particularly strong.  So…if you want more followers on Facebook, you might want to start doing more videos using Facebook Live.
  • Links in Posts Get Hidden.  Anytime you add a url, a link in your post…Facebook doesn't like it, and not as many people will see it.
  • Being all Business isn't Good.  This has been the case for as long as I can remember.  If all you do is post about your business, people tune out.  They want to know YOU, and have a relationship with YOU…not your business.  I'm not saying that you can't post about your business, but be careful not to do it too much.

Courtney Luper:  A Case-Study on Facebook Followers

She Has Over 1.8 Million Followers on Her Personal Profile Page, Videos that Have Gotten as Many as 5,000,000 Views, a Group with Over 650,000 People in it, and Has Had as Many as 500 New Customers in One Day!

courtney-luper facebook-followers

Yea…that got my attention too!  And…yes, you did read that right.  I recently met and interviewed a young lady named Courtney Luper who did exactly that.  In fact, she has a VERIFIED Personal Profile on Facebook.  To be honest with you, I've never seen it before…at least not on a Personal Profile Page.

The day I interviewed Courtney live, she posted a video that within 12 hours had over 268,000 views!

I have no other word than to simply say that Courtney Luper is a Facebook Phenomenon.  And…all the while, this woman is humble, full of heart and LOVES people.

By the way, she's very new to network marketing.  She started in March of 2013.  Less than four years ago she joined her very first network marketing company.   After facing her 4th eviction, selling most of her furniture and being completely backed up against the wall, she said a prayer and went after it.

Less than one year later she paid cash for the house she was about to be evicted from and built a business that…let's just say, produces plenty of income.  I'm not going to mention how much she is making, but you can figure it out.  Whatever she is doing is working!

You need to hear the interview I did with her (click the play button below).

I think it's a whole lot better for you to listen to what SHE said than have me reiterate the points she made during our live call.  However, here's what I pulled from our personal conversation that I found as striking…

  • She Came Out Firing.  Courtney was back up against the wall, financially strapped, said a Prayer…and came out firing.  In other words…this girl worked.  If you think you're going to spend an hour a day on Facebook and get the same results she did, think again.  She put her time in.
  • She Offered Value.  Instead of pitching her business, one of the things she did was consistently post recipes.  I'm not saying you should post recipes and try to copy her…but she posted things that people wanted to share.  Put that one in your cap and think about it.
  • She Created a Closed Group and Invited People.  You should absolutely listen to the audio in this post to get the gist of what she did.  But…remember this.  An Open Group no one has a reason to join.  A Private Group no one can see. The exclusive nature of a Closed Facebook Group makes people want to know what's inside.

Here's the thing…if you want more Facebook followers, follow people who have lots of followers.  She was kind enough to spend nearly an hour with me and share with my audience how she did it.  So…set some time aside and give it a listen.

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