Patience in Network Marketing

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I’ve been thinking lately about some of the other elements that separate big producers in this business from those that become statistics or simply produce nothing.

Obviously it takes consistent daily actions to create production. You’ve all heard me say that the only thing that really matters is prospecting. If you are consistently talking to new people every day about your business, you will produce results.

However, it happens at different paces for different individuals. And…if it isn’t happening as fast as you ‘thought’ it would or would like it to, then you may get frustrated, discouraged, think the business doesn’t work, think that you may not be right for the business, or even quit.

You have to understand something. To some extent, you are pre-programmed from birth to fail in network marketing. Yes…you heard me correctly. You see, over time we have learned to expect things to happen rather quickly. Microwave ovens, fast food, and lotteries create instant, or at least potentially instant gratification. The way we are programmed to earn wages is the same way. We work two-weeks, we get a check.

In network marketing, it simply doesn’t happen that way. We are fighting are instinctual programming from the moment we sign an application.

Learn to understand the Virtues of Patience. Patience is a good quality of human conduct and of moral excellence for a reason. Those who can exercise patience are generally rewarded handsomely.

Tips on Patience:

1. Don’t compare the speed of your success with others.

2. Understand (clearly) that success takes TIME.

3. Get in your mind that this is a business, not a job. It takes time to DEVELOP a business. Think about your employer. Did his or her business instantly appear as a success story, or did it take time? You see…if you are an employee in an EXISTING business, you didn’t see nor experience the time, commitment and patience it took to develop it. What you do see is your weekly check…aka instant gratification.

4. If it isn’t happening for you quickly enough, take it one or these two ways. Either fight your programming and stick in the game or be accepting in the reality that it takes time to develop a substantial business.

Over fourteen years ago I started building my first network marketing business. The first 18 months I produced almost nothing. For some unknown reason to me at the time, I stayed in the game. My patience has served me well…and I hope your does too!

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