Perception is Projection

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By FAR, one of the most POWERFUL concepts for you to apply into your business is something called Perception is Projection.

Perception is Projection means this:  An individual's or group's perception of you (their reality of who they think you are) is based upon what you project upon them.

How you talk, act, dress…everything you “project” upon them becomes their reality of who they perceive you to be.

People formulate a perception of who you are based on what you project upon them.  Everything you do adds to their perception of you.  Perception is projection is actually what it says.  Their “perception” is based on what you project upon them.

Get this concept down.  Grasp it.  Understand it.  Use it.  It is one of the most powerful strategies that you can apply in both your life and your business.

How do you want to be perceived?

Perception is Projection with Warm Market

When it comes to warm market…people that know you or know you well, they already have a strongly formulated opinion about you.  Perhaps in the past you've been flaky, not responsible, or the class clown that makes people laugh but would never be treated seriously.

Well…if that's the case, then guess what?  The ONLY thing that will change your warm market's perception of you is time and change.  Even if you've made a huge turnaround and you are no longer the person you “used” to be, they may still perceive you as that person you've always been.  Through time and a change in your behavior, they will eventually see you differently.

Perception is Projection with Everyone Else

However, with cold market it's an entirely different story.  They don't know you.  They don't know your background, the mistakes you've made, or the way you've always been…or even are today.

We're ALWAYS meeting new people!!!  And, when you meet new people…now is your chance to SHINE.  You get to decide who you are!  This isn't “fake it 'til you make it” or perpetuating a lie or untruth.  This is YOU deciding how you want to be perceived by others…and it is 100% in your control.  You get to paint the picture, to project an image, a picture…and a reality of what you REALLY are…or want to become.

What you PROJECT upon them in your meetings or calls becomes their reality of who you are.

So…again, how do you want to be perceived?

My guess, without knowing who is reading this post is that you want to project an image of success, of someone who is confident, self-assured, knows where they are going…and someone that they would LOVE to do business with!!  Am I right???  I thought so!

Here are are a few things that help someone formulate an opinion (a reality of who they believe you to be):

  • Your Actions.  How you act in public and in private matters.  When the lights are on (figuratively), are you one way…and the moment the spotlight isn't on you, you act completely differently?  What if they SAW you, even if you thought they weren't looking?  Are you someone that shows up on time, does what you said you were going to do, and always someone to be counted on?  The way you act causes someone to formulate an opinion of you.  The thing you want to think about is this.  How do I want this person to perceive me?
  • Your Language.  The way you talk matters.  If you want to be perceived as a professional, then speak like a professional.  “Yo….yo, yo bro” isn't exactly professional, now is it?
  • Your Dress.  If you want to be taken seriously, what you wear makes a difference.  Guys…ladies look at your shoes.  Take the time to get your shoes shined and make sure they aren't all scuffed up.  You don't have to wear a suit and tie to be perceived as a professional.   But, walking into a meeting with pants that are 4 inches too long and dragging on the floor isn't exactly what you want to project.  Be tight with your dress if you want to make a positive impression with people.
  • Your Personal Hygiene.  Bad breath, body odor and dirty fingernails simply isn't good.  Even wearing too much cologne or perfume can throw people off.  We all want to smell good, but we don't want to smell you from a mile away.

I don't need to list out everything here for you to get this concept.  The thing you need to understand more than anything is this:

What you project upon another becomes their reality of who you are.  

The next time you go into a new meeting or you're getting to know someone, I hope this concept is something you think about and apply.

It's powerful.  It works.  And…it WILL be a strongly determining factor as to whether or not they will do business with you now or anytime in the future.

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