Prospecting Mastery – 3 Strikes And You’re Out Rule

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What You'll Discover In This Episode

  • 3 Strikes And You're Out Rule
  • Where The 3 Strike Rule Comes From
  • How The 3 Strike Rule Works

3 Strikes And You're Out Rule

Good morning! Last week, we discussed following up and how critical it is to “get the business. ”In this week's training, I want to give you my SYSTEM for following up with people when they ghost you. I call this the…Three strikes and you’re out rule. This simple follow-up framework will save you time, frustration, and anxiety when making your follow-up calls. And after you do this a few times, it will become second nature to you. Best of all, you’ll show up like a total professional Plus, you’ll start getting more people calling you back, ready to move forward. Click here to watch today’s training video.

Where The 3 Strike Rule Comes From

Quick backstory on how I came up with this method. I was very needy when I started network marketing over 30 years ago. I would follow up with someone over twenty times if they did not get back to me. I thought I was a good networker, trying to follow up with these people. And after a few years of doing this and not getting anywhere, I realized this behavior was repelling people from me. was coming from desperation, and my prospects knew it.I then started limiting my follow-up to three times over a week. Once I started having success, I could not worry about the people who did not call me back. Yet, I still wanted to leave the door open and cultivate the relationship. Now let me show you…

How The 3 Strike Rule Works

Make sure you watch my video above because I go into the specifics of how this works. The short version goes like this…1) Talk with the prospect and set an appointment.

2) Follow up, and if the prospect does not answer, I leave a message and write down Bob, FU1.

3) Follow up within 48 hours; if the prospect does not reply, leave another message. Write down Bob, FU2.

4) Follow up within four days; if the prospect does not answer, leave a final message. Write down Bob, FU3.This is my three-strike rule. I will set my calendar to follow up with Bob for 30, 60, and 90 days. If you’d like to stay updated with my latest prospecting and follow-up strategies, I’d highly recommend becoming a Fearless Networker Insider. T

This episode, #189 it’s about “Prospecting Mastery – 3 Strikes And You're Out Rule.” Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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