Putting Time in Comes Before Time Freedom, Not Vice-Versa

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True time freedom comes AFTER you've put your time in.  It comes AFTER you've paid your dues.

I see lots of network marketers who are living the “lifestyle” (if you can call it that), before they ever make any money.  They get up late, lounge around, have some tea, take a nap, maybe have a meeting…and call it a day.  That isn't time freedom.

That is NOT how it works…not if you want true time freedom.  If you want to create a life for yourself that allows you the REAL freedom to take time off, chill, relax and not have to worry about whether the money is coming in next month or not, you need to put the time in before you experience the time freedom.

I did this video because I witness this faux time freedom situation all too often.  It's not a big deal really.  If you want to do it…do it.  It's just not REAL.  It's faux.  Fake.

The coolest thing about network marketing is the leverage.  The ability to earn on the efforts of hundreds, if not thousands of people provides us the unique ability to have that leverage…where we get paid whether we work today or not.  BUT…you FIRST have to WORK and build something before you start taking the time off and experiencing the benefits of all your hard work.  That's how you create time freedom.

Make Better Use of your Time Now for More Time Freedom Later

Get up a bit earlier.
Stay up later.
Be more focused with your activities.
Don't allow idle time to pass.
Be smarter with how you schedule meetings and calls.
Figure out how to get more done in less time.
Don't do menial activities during prime-time hours.
Move your personal development time to very early in the morning and late at night.

Focus on revenue producing activities most of the time.  You know what they are.  If it makes you money, do more of it.  If it doesn't, do less of it.

You need to …what's that they say, “Make Hay When the Sun is Shining!”  Make hay…and you'll have more freedom in your day!

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