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 Over 1000 Have Graduated !

Over 1000 people have now graduated from my Accountability for Entrepreneurs Academy…mostly known as  The A-TEAM.

Many of them have written to me or produced videos expressing their gratitude…as well as shared what's happened to them in their businesses as a result of participating in this powerful 12-week Accountability Program for Network Marketers.

I've posted their results on the page that describes A-Team,

I'm one-week away from wrapping up our current A-Team and just opened registrations for our upcoming session.  These are a few messages that came to my inbox in just the last few days:

Joan Oickle Discovered What Exactly Was Holding Here Back and is Now Getting Better Results in Her Network Marketing Biz!

JoanOickle“I have been in network marketing profession for over 5 years, and found myself at a point where I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.  I knew I had to do something different, but was stuck with what I needed to do.  I knew I needed help, and I needed accountability.  Todd’s A Team course was exactly what I needed.  While completing the weekly tracking, I found what was holding me back.  My productivity improved greatly.  I’m now doing more activity and getting better results.   Todd’s no nonsense approach and his honest feedback was exactly what I needed to move me forward and overcome the barriers that were blocking me. If you are honestly wanting to take your business to the next level, then you’ve got to do the A-Team training.    Thanks Todd!”  – Joan Oickle

Mike McGrath, a New Network Marketer, now “Feels” and ACTS More Like a Pro…so Much So That He is Doing A-Team Again!

MikeMcGrath” I joined A-Team because I needed something to commit to and make some changes.  I was fairly new to network marketing, (just over a year) and I felt that I needed some direction.  I had followed Todd for a while and really enjoyed his style and straight forward approach. He says what people “NEED” to hear, not what they want to hear.  I feel more like a “professional” every day and feel like I have grown every week through the program.  As much as it's about “making dials”, it's much more about “dialing in” to who you are and overcoming the hurdles that you put in front of yourself.  Todd is a true leader who “walks the walk”. I have already committed to taking the course again.  Thank you Todd for who you are and what you do to raise the level of professionalism and belief in this great profession!  Like a champ baby!” – Mike McGrath

Caroline Vaughan Identified Her Personal Challenges and Developed Specific Solutions through Improve Her Daily Productivity!

carolinevaughan“After a year and a half of being in the business, it got to a point where my upline was no longer calling me on a regular basis.  I felt like I was lacking leadership support and losing motivation.  I was basically blaming my leaders for my lack of production.  Through personal development, I learned that I must become a leader and be responsible for my own actions.  When I came across Todd Falcone's program, it just made sense to me that I could use the A-Team to help hold me accountable for my actions and act as my leader.  As part of the program, I received an accountability partner who I was required to check in with daily.  Having that partner really had a positive impact on my daily productivity.  Todd's program not only motivated me to ensure that I completed daily producing activities but also helped me to identify my challenges and develop solutions to overcome those challenges.  I highly recommend the A-Team!” – Caroline Vaughan

Kathy McEwan Adopted Completely New Habits and Made Stuff Go from Her Uncomfort Zone to Now Her COMFORT Zone!

KathyMcEwan“As a result of participating in Todd`s A-Team I got out of my comfort zone and have become more comfortable with picking up the phone and making the the dials.  It has empowered me to take the necessary action.  The accountability tracking is fantastic and has let me see where I am falling down and what I need to work on.  The A-Team made me look at myself and ask the question  “would I hire me” – now that was the kick in the butt that I needed.  I have learned some valuable things that I know will stick with me forever.  Daily habits and being aware of my environment is all leading me closer to my personal and financial goals.  I highly recommend anyone sitting on the fence as to whether they should take Todd's 12 week A-Team.  Just Do It!  You will not be sorry.”  – Kathy McEwan

What Exactly is A-Team and Why Should I Do it?

The A-Team is a 12-Week Accountability and Coaching Program designed for home-business entrepreneurs who are not getting the kind of results they'd like to see happening in their business.  It is also designed for individuals who are big producers looking for the “challenge” of increase their productivity even more.

If you could be doing more than you currently are…and you'd like to actually DO more, this is for you. 
If you feel stuck, are doing very little, or doing nothing, and want to break-free from your rut, this is for you. 
If you're a network marketer that wants to push yourself to be as good as you can, this is for you.

– 12-Weeks of Coaching Calls (Tuesday Nights at 6pm Pacific).  All Calls are Recorded.
– Weekly Challenges to Break Bad Habits that Aren't Working.
– Direct Access to Me for Live Questions and Answers During the Entire Program.
– Learn How to Easily Track your Activities and Results.
– You get to Personally Discover Exactly What is Holding you Back and Find the Ideal Solution for You.

Access is Very Limited.  Next Start is June 4th.

For Details and To Register, go here:

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