Recruiting Up: Why You Should Aim Higher in Network Marketing

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Today, we’re tackling a question that seems to be on every network marketer’s lips: “Where are all the good people at?” If you’ve ever felt like you're the only one pulling weight in your downline, this one's for you.

Are you just recruiting—or are you recruiting smart?

Let's get straight to the point. The quality of your team can make or break your success in network marketing. And yet, so many marketers keep fishing in the wrong pond. They go after anyone who listens, often their broke buddies, fearing the judgment of more accomplished peers. Sound familiar?

The Art of Recruiting Up

Recruiting up the socio-economic chain isn’t just a strategy; it's a game changer. Imagine having a team where everyone is as driven, as financially motivated, and as skilled in selling as you are. These are people who lead teams, control their income, and are accustomed to the hustle of commission-based sales—making them perfect for network marketing.

Why You Should Target the Top

  1. Higher Motivation and Drive: People who are already successful in their fields bring a level of motivation that’s unmatched. They’re not just looking for opportunities; they’re ready to maximize them.
  2. Skill and Experience: Leveraging their existing skills in sales or leadership means a shorter learning curve and quicker results.
  3. Less Resistance: Contrary to popular belief, successful individuals often give less pushback. They understand business opportunities and are usually open to new ventures if presented professionally.
  4. Better Network Opportunities: Successful people tend to have expansive networks, which can lead to more prospects and higher-quality recruits.

How to Start Recruiting Up

Here’s how you can start shifting your recruiting efforts upward, to attract not just more team members, but better ones:

  1. Identify Ideal Candidates: Look for individuals in roles that require similar skills to those needed in network marketing, like sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and team leaders.
  2. Tailor Your Pitch: Your approach should resonate with their level of experience and aspirations. Highlight aspects of network marketing that align with their goals, like flexibility, potential earnings, and leadership opportunities.
  3. Professional Engagement: Reach out through professional networking sites, at industry events, or via referrals. Keep your interactions professional and respectful of their time and achievements.
  4. Offer Real Value: Show how joining your network can enhance their career, not just your own line. Focus on the benefits that are relevant to them, such as personal development and the opportunity to lead a growing team.
  5. Continuous Learning and Adaptation: Always refine your strategy based on the interactions and feedback from potential recruits. This helps in honing your recruitment skills and effectively targeting the right candidates.

Take the Next Step

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Don’t settle for a lackluster downline. Start recruiting up and watch as your business grows not just in size, but in quality and performance.

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