Relationships Are Like Plants

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Relationships Are Like Plants
  • The Key To Successful Networking
  • How To Start The Nurturing Process

Relationships Are Like Plants

Confession. I’m not good with plants :-)I am good with people though and building relationships. It’s funny because relationships are a lot like plants.If you bring home a new plant and ignore it, the plant eventually dies. The same can be said for relationships.If you ignore them, just like the plant… the relationship fades and eventually dies.In today’s training, you’ll discover how to keep all your plants (relationships 😉 alive.This is a critical strategy for building a long-lasting network marketing business.And, it’s a pretty great life strategy also.Let’s begin.

The Key To Successful Networking

Ok, Building relationships is a long game strategy.This means it’s something you’ll want to continue to do over weeks, months, and years with the people you come in contact with.In just a moment, I’ll share a few things you can do starting today so the relationship gets started on the right foot.Just know, you want to bake this into how you do business.Developing the relationship is the glue that holds it all together.People do business with people they know, like, and trust.When you’re consistently nurturing the relationship, it’s like watering your plants. They’re happy and feeling good.The other thing I mention in the video above is that it’s not all business. If you’ve not watched the video above, I highly recommend you do so.I go into a lot more detail on this.For now, let’s look at some ways for you to start nurturing your relationships.

How To Start The Nurturing Process

Again, if you’re going to be a network marketer, you want to get good at building relationships.This means you start to nurture relationships with the people you come into contact with. And when I say nurture, I’m not referring to being their best friend out of the gate.Too much communication is like giving a plant too much water.Here’s something you can do today. Open your phone and start connecting with the people in your address book. Just call to say hi and let them know you were thinking about them.You don’t want to talk about business unless the conversation naturally leads to it.Simply connect with no agenda.Remember, the goal is to keep all your plants (relationships 😉 alive.

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