She Recruited Over 800 People into Her Network Marketing Business

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A few days ago, I sat down with Kelli Calabrese…as successful network marketer that in the past 7 years has personally recruited over 800 people into her network marketing business.  In fact…in 2016, she has personally sponsored over 100 people.

I did a Fearless Networker Spotlight on her a few weeks back before doing our extensive interview.  If you haven't read it, you can see the post I did about her, and you will FOR SURE learn a few things about growing your network marketing business.

One of the things I am continuing to do is sit down with people in network marketing and dig for answers.  If someone is new to their network marketing business and making big things happen, I interview them to find out WHAT and HOW they did it.  And…not just little surface questions…I dig deep.  And…I do it for YOU.  If someone is a legendary figure and been in this business for eons, I interview them as well and find out what drives them, and how they've accomplished so much for so long.

All of those interviews are part of my Fearless Academy.  If you're serious about figuring your network marketing  business out once and for all…you'd be wise to become an Academy Member.

Here's a bit of what I discovered from Kelli Calabrese's success in her network marketing business during our hour long interview:

  • She prospected her rear end off, and continues to do so.  In other words, she takes very consistent action every single day to talk to people, meet people…and see how she can serve them.  She isn't hunting and looking at people as if they have a dollar sign on their forehead.  She shares her story, lets them know what she does…and says that “if you're at all interested in hearing more about how you can do this yourself as well, I'd be honored to show you how to do it.”
  • She is a master at follow up.  One thing I discovered about here is this.  She finishes what she starts.  She follows up with everyone she meets.  It is…as we've all heard before, where the fortune lies.  The fortune IS in the follow up.
  • She combs her team for action and activity and works with those people.  This is a powerful action that you should all be taking when it comes to helping your business. grow.  Look for pockets of activity.  Find them.  Reach out to those people and show them how to get to the next level.  You have to initiate in order for your team to grow.  And…Kelli is an absolute pro at it.  She said some thing during our Academy interview that will blow your mind.
  • She makes sure her customers are consistently taking their products and follows up to ensure they have a good experience.  One thing about KEEPING, or retaining customers is making sure they have a good solid product experience.  You don't just sell someone a box of product and keep your fingers crossed, HOPING they'll actually do something.  If you read my previous post from yesterday, you know that HOPE and WISH is not a good strategy.

I'd encourage you…that if you're serious about learning how to become a true professional and grow a successful network marketing business, and you want to become a Fearless Networker, that you get into my Fearless Academy.

You can hear Kelli's interview…dozens of others, get access to every single Monday night call I've ever recorded, and learn from over 100 video tutorials that are designed to get you better.  Here's where to access her interview and all of this other training designed to make you good:  Fearless Academy:  Top Network Marketing Training

By the way…make sure you pay attention to what she says in our extensive Fearless Academy Interview about how she runs, grows and supports her team using multiple Facebook Groups.  It's brilliant!

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