Smart Marketers Don’t Do Stupid Things

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Repeat after me.

Smart Marketers Don't Do Stupid Things. 
Smart Marketers Don't Do Stupid Things. 
Smart Marketers Don't Do Stupid Things. 

Make it a mantra like this.
“I am a smart marketers and I will not do stupid things that are preventable.  I am a smart marketer and because I am a smart marketer I will make sure that I stay well-rounded, relevant and on my game by never relying on one main strategy to be my bread and butter.”

While we all make mistakes…this one is unfortunately all too frequent.  And…it's one of those that simply does NOT need to be happening.  And…this is happening ALL across the board, both in and out of network marketing.

I shot a video on the way back from the gym this morning…and wanted to deepen the point I made for people who missed it.

Let me just be blunt here.

Don't blow it by allowing yourself to become too reliant on one strategy, one person, one client, or one leader.  

Your “bread and butter” strategy or your big client that you consider to be your “bread and butter” will actually cause you to be eating only bread and butter.  If you get lazy with your marketing or become far too reliant on someone to be the ONE that brings in all the dough for you…you'll literally end up having to feast on bread and butter to survive, because you won't be able to afford anything else.

Harsh?  Yes.  Honest.  Yep.  True.  Dead on true my friend.

So glad I waited to do this video after returning from Mexico City rather than last week.  Why?  Let me set it up for you.

Last week I was getting ready to travel to speak in Mexico City.  Great city by the way…22 million people strong!  Had a blast, but I'll tell you about that some other time.

Thursday as I was traveling TO Mexico City, I was about to shoot a video in the airport regarding the whole idea of not becoming too reliant on ONE marketing strategy.

For example, if ALL you do is build your business on Facebook…you are in for a world of hurt.  

Your business will die on the vine and you'll end up in the employment line trying to find a job because your network marketing business tanked.  I know I'm sounding kind of BLUNT with my approach to this post, but it is absolutely true.

You MUST HAVE well-rounded marketing skills.  You must stay relevant.  You need to know how to talk to people IN PERSON, rather than hiding behind a computer screen.  You MUST be understand how to generate prospects both OFFLINE…as well as ONLINE on your Facebook page.

I've said it before…and I'll say it again.  You don't own Facebook.  So…don't act like it.  They can shut you off in a jiffy and you'll have NO ACCESS to your team.  No access to your ‘tried and true” way of doing things.

The same goes for people who ONLY focus on warm market.  If that's all you got in your bag of tricks, you're done for.  My client came begging to me for help when his upline told him that they “only teach warm market recruiting”.

“Sorry son.  That's all we teach here in this here group.  We only teach warm market.  So…you either gotta get your warm market to work, or you're going to have to find another company.”

Are you frigging kidding me??!!!  That's basically what he communicated to my client.  Sorry…see ya.

Smart marketers do smart things.  They are broad-based.  They have many strategies.  
They have MANY clients.  They have MANY leaders.

Oh…and if you think that the one dude who is on your team and making you $25,000 a month right now will be there forever, think again.  Don't be silly.  Be smart.  Stuff changes.  People change.  And…YES, you will have top leaders that surprise the heck out of you and go someplace else.  But, guess what?  The smart and savvy marketer, the one who is well-rounded, the one who understands how important it is to have multiple ways of building their business, and the one who has multiple leaders (not just one) on their team…they thrive.  They aren't out of business because one guy or gal leaves.  They aren't looking for a job because Facebook changed the rules.

If you don't want to be eating “bread and butter” for the rest of your life, then don't look at clients or strategies like they are your “bread and butter”.

Be well rounded.
Keep learning.
Stay relevant.
Make sure you have multiple clients and customers.
Don't rely on ONE big one for your bottom line.

Stay smart my friends.  Be savvy.  Be the person who is well rounded, skilled, and always has something in their tool belt for when things change.

Because, guess what?  Things are always changing.  Always.

The cool thing about being an at-home entrepreneur, or a solo-preneur is this.  We can shift on a dime.  We can snap our fingers and move in a different direction instantly.  We don't take forever to adapt like big corporate does with all their red tape and procedures.

Something stops working.  Boom.  You change to something else the next day.  But…the only way you'll be able to do that is to make sure that you are well rounded NOW.

Stay smart.  See you soon.

Give me some feedback and comments.  Love hearing from you.

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