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If you're a Social Media Network Marketer…or you want to be, then it's important to pay attention to what's working on Social Media.

It's a new day, a new dawn…and an entirely new dimension of business when you apply savvy strategies on Social Media with your network marketing business.

I've had the opportunity to connect with, meet and interview a number of people who are doing things that are quite frankly…AMAZING on Social Media with regard to building their network marketing businesses.

There are people who have never touched a network marketing business before that are building HUGE teams and monstrous amounts of customers by using Social Media in their efforts of building a network marketing business.

I've done quite a few posts on the subject of Social Media Network Marketing, including what NOT to do. This particular post is going to give you some ideas to ponder and apply into your day-to-day efforts of building a successful network marketing business using Social Media.

Here's a FEW Examples.

Social Media Network Marketer:  Dan's Daughter

My buddy Dan who has been in network marketing for over 30 years told me about his daughter and a whole bunch of other pretty young entrepreneurs that have completely REVIVED a product that is over 23 years old.

In fact…this product has been part of this company's catalog for a very long time, and RIGHT NOW they are seeing HUGE movement of this particular product on Social Media.

How?  Very simply this.  They are highlighting BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES on their Facebook wall. They aren't doing any elaborate marketing campaigns or pay-per-click ads.  They're simply highlighting what the product can do for people.

If you have a product that can easily be demonstrated, why wouldn't you do this??  Just be sure you do it COMPLIANTLY!  That's the important thing.  You may want to check with your corporate headquarters to make sure that what you are doing is compliant.

Social Media Network Marketer:  The Lipstick, Makeup and Mascara Ladies

Holy smokes!  Several women I know have been retailing tens of thousands of dollars in product simply by getting in front of a camera, using a ring light, and applying their stuff.  Women go bonkers over it.  They are demonstrating…many times in REAL TIME through Facebook Live how to do it.

One cool thing I've seen them do is a time-lapse video where you see the whole process, but it's shrunken down into only a few minutes.  It's entertaining to watch…and does a great job of yielding customers.

Social Media Network Marketer:  Courtney, the Recipe Queen

You heard her on one of my calls a few months ago.  This little lady has generated over 2 million followers on her personal Facebook profile page.  She started out…and continues to post recipes.  Those people love her stuff, and then she invites them into a private group to learn more about what she does.

She has been KILLING IT with this strategy.

What do YOU love that you could highlight??  Maybe it's some cool life hack, or How To's from Home, or Fly Fishing Techniques or …anything that's interesting and entertaining.

You can get your brain moving on that one.  If you are a Social Media Network Marketer….it's time to pay attention to what people are doing and how they are monetizing all the time they spend on Facebook.

Social Media Network Marketer:   My Weight Loss Friends

Let's face it.  Obesity is a global epidemic.  If you happen to represent a product that does a great job of helping people lose weight, why in the world would you NOT highlight your own personal story or the stories of others who have gotten great results.  Again…be COMPLIANT here and make sure what you are doing is approved by your company.

I have a dear friend that dropped about 50 pounds a few years ago.  She was an entirely different looking person.  I mean…this woman went from where she was to smoking hot, fit and ripped.  At the time, she wasn't incorporating using her story.  We talked.  She did it…and her business exploded as a result of it.  She literally had people saying, “Here's my credit card.  I want whatever you are selling.” 

Stories sell.  People WANT results.  When they SEE it, they want it even more.

Social Media Network Marketer:  The Skin Care Folks

Yet again, an incredible product that can be demonstrated visually.  I have tons of friends in different skin care companies that create hugely noticeable results.  They post before and afters…and people go bonkers.

What's to Learn from All of This??

If you're a Social Media Network Marketer, pay attention to what people are doing on Social Media.  Watch. Pay attention.  Listen.  Incorporate their ideas.

Just remember…it's VERY important that you incorporate your whole life story and what you're all about and not just be biz, biz, biz.  People tune out quickly.  Remember…BALANCE.

But…if you're not doing this, and you have a product that creates measurable results, then have at it.

AGAIN>>> This is the THIRD time I'm referencing this.  STAY COMPLIANT.  Don't make unsubstantiated claims that you can't back up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What About you Marketing a SERVICE? 

Even if you are marketing something that isn't on your face, your body or consumed…you can STILL figure out creative ways to make people WANT what you have.  What can you say?  Feature?  Share?  Get creative…there's an entire audience waiting to for the result your product or service has to offer.

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