Success Leaves Clues: Be a Student and Supporter

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On a recent visit to Los Angeles, California, I paid a visit to the home of Casey Eberhart, a fairly NEW network marketer, but brilliant NETWORKER! Casey is not only a student of this profession, as painfully obvious from this video clip, but he is also a major SUPPORTER of other people in our profession.

If you are going to buy soap, buy it from Amway if you can. If you are going to buy a functional health beverage, get it from a local MonaVie rep, XanGo rep or anyone else marketing functional health beverages. Buy your shampoo, deodorant and personal care products, from your local BeautiControl Cosmetics rep or Mary Kay representative. Get your toothpaste from Oxyfresh or Gano Excel. Get your cell phone from Lighyear Wireless, your long distance from ACN, your Identity Theft Protection from Prepaid Legal. Obviously, there are too many products to list here, so I've left a bunch out. But…I hope you get my point. Anytime you have a chance to buy a product that you use or would use from a Direct Sales or Network Marketing rep, do it.

    Support our profession.

Secondly..STUDY it. You'll see what I mean when you watch this video.

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