Tell, Show, Try, Do: A Proven Way of Teaching

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Tell, Show, Try, Do

Teaching someone to do something isn't as simple as telling and pointing fingers in the direction we want them to go.  If you want someone to actually LEARN something, and really retain it for future reference, I suggest using the Tell, Show, Try Do approach.

I don't know about you, but I can be forgetful.  If someone tells me something…I may remember it.  I may not.  Ask my wife…she knows exactly what I'm talking about!

When it the business of network marketing, we all want to be doing a really GREAT job of TEACHING our new people how to do stuff so they can go on to be successful distributors themselves.

I was re-reading a book the other night on Performance Coaching, and got stuck on a page that talked about “retention” of information, and what it takes for us to REMEMBER things we've been taught.

Think about this for a second.  Someone tells you how to do something.  They stop at the “telling” part.
How good do you think you'd be at whatever you were just told how to do?

What if they then SHOWED you?  Then…they allowed you to get your hands on it…and EXPERIENCE what it felt like for yourself.  How would your learning then be?

Interesting how much we retain when all of them are being used.  What do you think happens in a network marketing MLM business?  Are people effectively being taught…or shuttled out and fingers crossed?

I talk about the concept a bit more in this video.  Most stop at telling…and they're left wondering why people aren't remembering what they were taught.

Here's a little more on the Tell, Show, Try, Do approach to teaching:

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