The #1 Reason Your Business Isn’t Growing

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The #1 Reason Your Business Isn't Growing
  • Uncovering The Symptom
  • The Real Cause Of Problem

The #1 Reason Your Business Isn't Growing

Please read… If you or someone on your team is struggling to get the business off the ground, today’s training is for you. In this training, you’re going to discover the number one reason the business isn’t growing. After working with thousands of network marketers over the past 30 plus years, I’ve identified the root cause. Today, I’m going to help you or someone on your team solve this problem. And for the most part, this has nothing to do with…Your company, your upline, your downline, or your products. The solution for building your business is in this training, so pay close attention. Let’s get started…

Uncovering The Symptom

Ok, the first step to solving a problem is awareness. Quick question for you…Who makes money in network marketing? Because I can tell you, it’s not about your background, age, race, gender, etc. See, when you look around the industry, you’ll find all types of people having success in this industry. So, we know network marketing works. Now, why does it not seem to work for some people? Here’s what I’ve found…Network marketing works for the people working network marketing. The business not growing is a symptom of people not working the business. I’ll touch on the real problem in just a moment. For now, please understand…The people who are out there exposing the business are working the business. These people are the ones having success and growing every week, month, and year.

The Real Cause Of Problem

The number one reason people don’t make money in this business is that they’re not working the business. It’s that simple. Most are lying to themselves and think they’re doing the business. The good news is you can FIX THIS right now. If your business is not working, here's what to do about it. Look at your past 90 days in the business. How many people have you exposed your business to? If you say less than 60, you’re not working the business. You’re in control of your business and your income. Now, if you’ve talked to 360 people within 90 days and you’ve signed up ZERO people. There’s a major problem at this point, and we need to look at what you’re doing. Remember, the goal is to do revenue-producing activities daily.

This episode, #152, it’s about “The #1 Reason Your Business Isn't Growing.” Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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